A treatment finally manages to relieve chronic back pain

Low back pain is pain in the lumbar vertebrae in the lower back. Sometimes debilitating, it is difficult to treat it in the long term. A new approach based on cognition, emotions and behaviors has shown good results in a clinical trial. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Reduce pain with a magnetic field? […]

How is Alzheimer’s treated?

Imagine you are chatting with friends on a quiet afternoon. Suddenly, he realizes that he is not able to follow the group’s reasoning. Words run out of your head, and expressing yourself feels like a challenge. When it’s time to say goodbye, she ends up forgetting the name of one of them, although they’ve known […]

The unknown effect of sex change therapies in breast cancer

One of the most common treatments for gender reassignment, feminizing hormone therapy or androgen gender affirming therapy, which is often used in transgender women and non-binary people to promote the physical changes caused by female hormones during puberty,” reprograms” breast tissue in transgender men. For the first time, a team of researchers coordinated from the […]

Scientist warns: Vitamin therapies do more harm than good

A famous doctor warned that recent favorite IV vitamin therapy could be dangerous. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 10:41 – 09 November 2022 Updated: 11:59 – 09 November 2022 Celebrities such as Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chrissy Teigen posting photos of IV vitamin therapy on social media cause an increase in their popularity, while the price can reach […]

the tumor that increasingly affects women

The second tumor with the most cases in our country is breast cancer, whose diagnosis is not distributed by sex. The same happens with cervical cancer, which is the fourth most diagnosed tumor in Spanish women and in women around the world: it is expected that in 2022 there will be 6,773 new cases of […]