Is it true that nicotine users contract Covid-19 less?

Hello, Many case studies demonstrate this unequivocally: smokers who contract Covid-19 have a greatly increased risk of developing severe forms of the disease. In this work, we find that the proportion of smokers is two to four times higher in severely ill patients than in those with a moderate form of the disease. On the […]

Organized fraudsters take advantage of the corona crisis

I.In the Netherlands, 52 delivery vans were already ready to bring ten million respirators to North Rhine-Westphalia. They should be accompanied by the police from the border. The country had transferred almost 15 million euros to a Swiss sales company. But the business never came about: the company had been exposed to fraudsters. It was […]

Early cancer detection with blood test: All about Liquid Biopsy

Blood sampling can provide information about various things. Deficiency symptoms, problems with the thyroid gland, inflammation values ​​- and also whether a patient has cancer or not. “Liquid Biopsy” makes it possible: Samples of non-solid, biological tissue, especially blood, are examined largely non-invasively. Similar to conventional biopsy, this procedure is well suited for the diagnosis […]