“Laura & the Wendler”: Cake Battle – “Your dad is now unimportant”

Updated July 2, 2020, 9:19 a.m. Laura is happy: there should be cake pops for her wedding! Until now, you could only see them as blissfully as tasting the pastry lollies when proposing marriage – but soon the pastry shop will no longer be just about sweets. More TV & streaming news can be found […]

We analyze three vertical ironing centers to use at home | Showcase

Our expert has chosen the model Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 / 30 as the best ironing center of the three analyzed for the excellent results it offers when ironing clothes. One of the tasks that can be more tedious at home is ironing. Furthermore, not everyone performs equally and possesses the same skills when picking […]

Masks. Elastics have become just as precious as fabric

It’s almost a truism: to make protective masks, you have to fix them behind your ears. And this is also the rub, if we are to believe the many calls for donations posted on social networks. To cope with the shortage, seamstresses and Sunday dressmakers are imaginative to say the least, and replace the precious […]

“To get out of the crisis quickly, you have to preserve the business fabric”

From his office on the 23rd floor of Bankia’s headquarters, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri (Bilbao, 1954) telematically attends this newspaper a few days after the entity publishes its results. It does so at the beginning of the year in which no one suspected the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and crisis. The executive, who recommends “serenity […]

In Italy, a dense fabric of SMEs weakened by the coronavirus

In just one month, the Italian economy has lost 47 billion euros due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to calculations by the Association for the Development of Mezzogiorno (Svimez). Rome has adopted two decrees that allow companies to use short-time working for their employees, whose monthly allowance is capped at € 1,200. Three hundred thousand […]

How will the Spanish company awaken from induced coma? | Companies

The Spanish economy is in an induced coma. Stationary factories, empty shopping malls, deserted works … The country tries to combat the expansion of the Covid-19 coronavirus by reducing its activity to a minimum. And we are not alone. More than a third of the global population has some kind of movement restriction due to […]

Made-in-space organs could soon become a reality

Astronauts are advancing the beginnings of new organs on board the International Space Station. The experiment is an attempt to grow human tissue by sending adult human stem cells into space and letting them grow in space. It is hoped that the stem cells will eventually develop into bones, cartilage and other organs. If successful, […]