Are these 7 technologies answers to current crises?

Numerous technical developments are dedicated to saving the world Technology rules the world – and could make a difference in the future. The world goes from one crisis to the next. For a large part of this, technology could help solve the problems. A look at the new year shows that CO2 scavengers could save […]

Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Microsoft and Uber lay off workers

A recent analysis by the specialized firm Bloomberg has revealed that the major technology companies have laid off over 150,000 workers in the past three years. “Every week there seems to be more and more mass layoffs in the tech industry, it’s hard to remember how we got here,” said this economic medium. Companies with […]

Kick-off of Berlin Fashion Week: small but sexy

Rewrite this content “You know what?” says the Uber driver. “When I see things at Fashion Week, I always ask myself: who should wear that?” And if I need a T-shirt, I go to Jack & Jones, they have normal things there.” The world of fashion is alien to him and he believes that many […]

Uber Eats is expanding in Germany

Dhe food delivery service of the Uber Group is expanding in Hesse. The company announced that Uber Eats is now also available in Darmstadt. A spokesman said that Darmstadt residents had previously tried 12,000 times to order food from Uber Eats. “We were eagerly awaited.” You can now choose from 50 restaurants in the city, […]

Lyft is laying off 13 percent of its employees

US travel agency Lyft has laid off around 13 percent of its employees. The reason given by the Uber rival is rising inflation. A Lyft rider in New York. – AFP Ad the essentials in brief Uber rival Lyft has laid off 13 percent of its employees. Around 683 employees are affected by the savings […]

Hacker steals sensitive data from ride-hailing service provider Uber

San Francisco (AP) – Uber has become the victim of a hack attack. According to a report in the New York Times, the cyber attack affected many of the car dispatcher’s internal systems. The company spoke of a “cyber security incident” on Twitter on Friday. Uber will investigate the incident and have contacted law enforcement. […]

Confirmed: Uber will close its IT center in Vilnius, the ride-hailing service remains | Business

15min already announced on Tuesday that the company decided to close its office in Vilnius. According to the company’s response received on Wednesday, neither the economic situation nor the war in Ukraine influenced such a decision. “This decision is aimed at consolidating our engineering resources,” the company’s response reads. “The company’s goal is to retain […]

Uber victim of a major cyberattack, data leaked

Uber Technologies said on Thursday (September 15) it is investigating a cybersecurity incident that caused it to take much of its computer systems offline. A hacker compromised an employee’s Slack messaging app at his workplace and used it to send a message to Uber employees announcing that the company had suffered a data breach, according […]