Tesla merges with German automotive supplier ATW

The automotive supplier ATW actually wanted to cut jobs – now the electric car manufacturer Tesla is saving the company: The US group is getting into ATW, the cartel office is talking about a merger. Rescue at the last second: After purchasing the Grohmann company in Prüm in the Eifel in 2016, the electric car […]

The right insurance for used cars

Munich The number surprised even the industry: There were 747,831 changes in ownership in July on the German used car market. More than in over ten years. The number of 700,000 was never exceeded. A trend is thus also starting in Germany that was already noticeable in the Netherlands and Italy. Because many people do […]

Siemens and Volkswagen donate to the Moria refugee camp

Düsseldorf Siemens and Volkswagen are jointly donating five million euros as emergency humanitarian aid for refugees in the burned down camp Moria and throughout Greece. “The situation of the refugees is depressing, most of them have lost their few possessions. In many cases the essentials are missing, ”emphasized Siemens boss Joe Kaeser and Volkswagen CEO […]

CJEU lawyer classifies defeat devices as illegal

Hamburg In the dispute over defeat devices for diesel cars, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is showing a narrow interpretation of exemptions. ECJ Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston declared such techniques for exhaust gas cleaning in her closing argument (Az: C-693/18) on Thursday to be inadmissible. Exceptionally, these could only be approved if “the device […]

The modernized Volkswagen Tiguan starts at a price level of CZK 689,900

So far, not all motorizations are available on the Czech market. The Tiguan model is really important for Volkswagen. This is the best-selling SUV in Europe and is doing well in other world markets. During this year’s modernization, it acquired a new design, the interior equipment was changed and the engines are also different. A […]

Can German automakers still catch up?

The rules of business upside down: Tesla has been driving the largest corporations in the automotive industry for years. What makes the young company so incredibly valuable? And what are the chances for the competition? Quarterly reports from an industrial company are generally not even a shrug of the shoulders to the general public. It’s […]

an R version for the VW Tiguan!

02/07/2020 It is the most popular SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) in Europe, but also one of the best-selling in the world: the Volkswagen Tiguan. Dj produces more than 6 million copies, the Tiguan offers a mid-career restyling for this second generation which aims to stay at the top of sales. And to look after his […]

OLG grants Daimler petition for bias against “diesel judge”

Daimler headquarters The group got through with its application for partiality at the Higher Regional Court. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf After VW, the automaker Daimler also prevailed with its rejection of the Stuttgart “Diesel judge”. The Higher Regional Court declared an application by the group, which the lawyer considers biased, to be justified on Thursday in […]

VW buries plans for plant in Turkey – Hürriyet.de

2.7.2020 8:23 a.m., by Andreas Neubrand VW is also struggling with the effects of the corona pandemic and has to make tough decisions. One of them now hits Turkey with full force: the plant in Manisa near Izmir is not built. At first, the company was on the right track and the subsidiary had already […]