Vienna again the most livable city – Frankfurt in the top 10 – dpa

Nfter the corona restrictions were lifted, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna have once again moved up significantly in a ranking of the most livable cities in the world. In this year’s index of the British “Economist” group, which was published on Thursday, Austria’s capital Vienna regained the top spot for the first time since the […]

This Corona message now worries Vienna – Vienna

The number of corona cases in Austria is rising again significantly – the virus is also still spreading in the federal capital. The Vienna Health Authority and the City of Vienna’s medical crisis team provide regular information on the current number of cases and other key figures on the Covid-19 virus. As of Tuesday, 933,423 […]

Journalism in Austria: How the City of Vienna makes transparency more difficult – Politics

Von Markus Hametner The Mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and his deputy Christoph Wiederkehr (Neo) had reason to praise themselves at the beginning of June: “Vienna is committed to transparent and incorruptible administration”, it was read on Ludwig’s social media channels. Wiederkehr posted: “As a red-pink #progress coalition, we have already done a lot […]

DIF program 2022: All bands on the FM4 stage – Danube Island Festival

15.06.2022 13:52 (Akt. 15.06.2022 13:52) Eli Preiss, Mavi Phoenix and Jan Delay, among others, will be rocking on the FM4 stage at DIF 2022. © APA/HERBERT P. OCZERET In 2022, the Vienna Danube Island Festival will again offer a special program for alternative and indie fans, this time as part of the large festival stage. […]

Trance success at the Wiener Festwochen: opera classics by Glass

11. June 2022 Colorful is Kennedy’s immersive interpretation of “Einstein on the Beach” © APA/Wiener Festwochen/Ingo Hoehn When a work of art succeeds in what many aspire to but few succeed in doing, do the details matter? Probably just then. And so it’s worth taking a look at the avant-garde opera classic “Einstein on the […]

Record inflation – Vienna Vice dances in front of a full fridge – Vienna

While the Viennese can no longer afford to go shopping, the deputy mayor dances happily in front of the full town hall refrigerator The Vienna city government, which according to surveys is firmly in the saddle, is currently reaping a whole series of negative headlines. On Tuesday, for example, the big shock: Wien Energie announced […]

Two cases of diphtheria in Austria, man died in Vienna

Severe infectious disease leading to death: Vaccination protects The report of a death from diphtheria in Austria on Thursday reminded us that classic diphtheria is a serious infectious disease that can be fatal if not treated adequately. This is recorded online by the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) as the national reference center […]

Heavy storm roll also rolls towards Vienna – weather

After strong thunderstorms with XL hail and 140 km/h gusts of wind at Pentecost, the population has to be prepared for severe weather in the new week. Austria has been hit by severe storms in the last few days – particularly in the east of the country, violent thunderstorms with huge hailstones and gusts of […]

“Not just men” – Vienna-Barbie unpacks about sex life – Love

Viennese Jessy is now dropping all her covers and showing herself as private as never before. in the “Today”-Talk, she gives deep insights into her love life. Jessy Bunny has already invested more than 50,000 euros in her body to transform her appearance into a living Barbie. The 21-year-old has already put herself under the […]

Revealed – mask stays in some Vienna shopping centers – politics

With the new Corona regulation, the mask requirement on trains should fall. Only Vienna is different. The mask should also remain in some shopping centers. Waiting for the current Corona regulation has a long tradition. So far, the new rules have been published with unsightly regularity only a few hours before they come into force. […]