Phil May, chic chaos – Culture / Next

Disappeared Friday at age 75 in Norfolk following a bicycle accident, Phil May, the leader and singer of Pretty Things, appeared for a time in the repertoire of David Bowie: not to the letter M but to the letter G , for “God”, that is to say God. Bowie may have understood something from Philip […]

Famous Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr is dead

Astrid Kirchherr, famous Beatles photographer, is dead Disappearance. German photographer Astrid Kirchherr, who by her photos in the early 1960s contributed to the glory of the Beatles, died at the age of 81 in Hamburg, several German media reported on Saturday. She died following a serious illness, according to her entourage quoted in several media, […]

Death of Millie Small, singer of the eternal “My Boy Lollipop”

From how many hits are we allowed to say that we have changed the history of music? Millie Small, who remained in the hearts of most Britons as “Millie”, who died Tuesday at the age of 73, had only one to his credit: My Boy Lollipop, released in 1964, number 3 in the UK in […]

Florian Schneider: The brain of Kraftwerk is dead

VA half a century ago, the musician Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter founded the band Organization, from which the Kraftwerk group was to grow a short time later – a German band that forever changed the international understanding of what pop music can be. In retrospect, the decade stands for a historic turning point: The […]

‘Let it be’: 50 years of the Beatles’ sunset symbol

Fifty years ago, on March 6, 1970, ‘Let It Be’ was released, simple that would give title to the last album of the most important band in the history of music in the 20th century, the Beatles, and that despite its success was the beginning of the end of the British group. Considered today one […]

The Beatles: manes, electric guitars and celluloid

Paul Quits The Beatles. The cover of the Daily Mirror chilled millions of readers who woke up to their usual naivete on the morning of April 10, 1970. A departure from the gang members was on the horizon, but no one expected it. Half a century after that cultural cataclysm, which in the long run […]

Fifty years without the Beatles

On April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney announced that he had left the Beatles. The news had the effect of an earthquake in the world of pop-rock music. The previous month, the group had released a single with the theme Let it be a preview of what a Phil Spector-produced documentary film and album would be […]

On April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney announced the death of the Beatles

Fifty years after their separation, the Beatles remain more popular than ever. They broke millions of hearts by following different paths in the spring of 1970. Half a century later, the four geniuses of Liverpool have lost none of their popularity and still dominate the pop music scene. On April 10, 1970, the fateful day […]