Apart from exercise and diet, here are 7 tricks to help you lose weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When it comes to achieving a fit and toned body, intensive diet and exercise are the two main solutions that many people think of. Despite the drop technique body weight and this approach to a healthy physique is sure to pay off, but it can seem very limiting and exhausting. No need […]

What to add to your morning coffee to burn …

Caffeine stimulates your metabolism in the morning, and moderate consumption helps you keep your heart healthy and protects you from many diseases. To enhance these benefits, you can add only three ingredients, which will help you burn calories quickly. Add this mixture to your morning coffee to weaken: a teaspoon of cinnamon; ¾ cup of […]

4 Signs You Eat Too Much Carbohydrates Page all

KOMPAS.com – The body does need carbohydrates in order to function properly. However, it is important to maintain the health level of macronutrients because too much carbohydrate also has negative effects that can damage your diet and contribute to health problems. Carbohydrates help fuel activate muscle work, support brain function, improve mood and better memory, […]

Cravings for fast food and sweets

An important project at work, arguing with the partner – and suddenly there is no end to the feed. Stress can affect eating behavior. The body’s own stress hormones are to blame. But how exactly does it come about and how can the craving for sweets be stopped? Photo series with 15 pictures Chocolate as […]

Cauliflower: This way it stays white when cooking and does not stink

Cauliflower is healthy and low in calories. But when cooking, an unpleasant smell of cabbage often sneaks into the apartment. You can easily avoid this with a trick – and the cauliflower retains its color. cauliflower, also called cauliflower, cauliflower or black cabbage, is available all year round. Fresh from Germany, the high-fiber vegetables are […]

The exercise with which you will burn calories in just 30 minutes

He busy pace of life carried by most of the Spanish population makes work the star of the week. And of course, when the only two days of rest come, the last thing you want is to exercise. We think that taking care of our body to stay in shape will take us a time […]