Vitamin that converts food into energy: B1! prof. Dr. Written by Berrin Pehlivan

31.07.2022 09:16 News Source: Milliyet Increases energy production: Vitamin B1 accelerates enzymatic reactions that convert sugar into energy. It has an antidepressant effect: It stabilizes the mood, reduces restlessness and anxiety. It has an effect on sugar metabolism: If you have diabetes, you should consume more vitamin B1. Studies show that when vitamin B1 supplements […]

Ultra-processed foods are linked to increased risk of dementia, study says

+ Chocolate is one of the unhealthy over-processed foods (Photo: Pixabay) eat large amounts of ultra-processed foods, such as soda, chocolate, snack foods and canned goods, can increase the risk of dementia. This is the conclusion of a study carried out in Chinawhose results were recently published in the scientific journal Neurology. According to The […]

The replacement in the Argentine embassy in Venezuela unleashed a diplomatic scandal

The new Argentine ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborde, met this Monday with Nicholas Maduro for present your credentials of the Government of Alberto Fernandez. The Kirchnerist leader arrived in Caracas a few days ago and presents himself with a new dialogue profile with all the political actors. Will look for a commercial profile and will […]

Powerful Bad Cholesterol Lowering Foods to Prevent Early Death

loading… Bad cholesterol-lowering foods are believed to help prevent premature death. Many people can lower blood cholesterol by eating healthy. Photo/Concierge Medicine in Tucson AZ JAKARTA – Food reducer bad cholesterol believed to help prevent premature death. Many people can lower their blood cholesterol levels by eating healthy and making lifestyle changes. Reporting from the […]

Expert highlights importance of eating habits during pregnancy

During the gestational period, it is common to have doubts about what pregnant women can or cannot eat to favor fetal development and ensure women’s health. Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MS) brought a guide with dietary recommendations for pregnant women. Among the recommendations indicated, the main ones are to include the consumption of fruits […]

What Is Government Pushed Red Edible Oil?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government will develop the industry red edible oil as an alternative to cooking oil which is often used by the community for cooking. Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Teten Masduki said red edible oil has high protein and vitamin A content. Therefore, he considers red cooking oil […]

Family company Rondo Food founds subsidiary in USA​

Jul 12, 2022 at 5:25 am Krefeld company for animal snacks : Rondo Food establishes a subsidiary in the USA Rondo Food has invested several million euros in new halls and machines for the production of snack products for cats and dogs in recent years. Photo: Lammertz, Thomas (lamb) Krefeld The Krefeld producer of snack […]

Learn how to deal with emotional hunger – Living Healthy

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 5% of the Brazilian population suffers from eating disorders, around 10 million people. Often, food becomes a form of distraction to escape reality and relieve momentary pain, as emotional eating is associated with habits conditioned by our mood. In these cases, the person does not eat out of […]

Processed meats increase the risk of colorectal cancer – 04/07/2022 – Balance

Hot dog at baseball games. Bacon on Sunday mornings. German sausage on the barbecue. American culture is full of joyous occasions that often include the consumption of processed meats. But, according to experts, the most recommendable thing is that this indulgence is nothing more than an occasional pleasure. “There is very compelling evidence that regular […]