Airbus plans to cut production by 40% and lay off thousands of employees

Airbus has so far mentioned a production reduction of around 30%, but these forecasts have now increased to 40%. This decrease is planned for next year. Lhe aircraft manufacturer Airbus will reduce its production and deliveries by around 40% over the next two years, and will therefore separate from thousands of employees in the process. […]

decrease of the cases due to men who smoke less

The success of the treatment against the cancer of the kidney. In three years, have been recorded 800 diagnosis less, with a decline of 6%. Were 13.400 in 2016, they were counted 12.600 in 2019. Congratulations especially to men: the decrease relates to, in fact, only their (from 8.900 to 8.100). Cancer of the kidney, […]

This will be the new way of exercising in gyms

The accesses to the facilities will have a temporary physical barrier or by distance. Photo: iStock MEXICO CITY. Nothing will be the same. With the possible reactivation of activities in the country, the Mexican Association of Gyms and Clubs (Amegyc) has developed a protocol for the reopening of its establishments, considering measures and general prevention […]

How Covid-19 will affect the pension system | Economy

The fall in income, the slowdown in economic activity or the numerous layoffs, whether temporary or not, stemming from the need to contain the spread of Covid-19, further jeopardize the stability of the Spanish pension system, which has not He is going through one of his best moments since the 2008 economic crisis. Governments are […]

Coronavirus: Do you study or work? Tips to be more productive during quarantine | Economy

Before March 15, 2020, only 4.3% of Spaniards worked remotely, almost one point below the European average (5.2%). The next day, there were millions. The quarantine imposed within the package of measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic caused citizens and companies in countries spread across the world to radically transform their work or academic routines. […]