Midland weather: temperature, rainfall, when to go

Midland’s climate is subtropical, with fairly mild winters and very hot and sunny summers. The city is located in West Texas, that is, the arid zone, at 860 meters above sea level, is windy and is exposed to air mass confrontations that provoke sudden changes in temperature. On winterFrom December to February, the days are […]

New timetable from December 13th: That brings Saxony-Anhalt the 2021 rail timetable

Magdeburg’s railway bridge will be closed to train traffic from April 24th to September 10th. That means for them Railway line Magdeburg-Burg-Berlin im Detail: The Regionaexpress line 1 Magdeburg-Berlin will be replaced by buses between Magdeburg main station and Magdeburg Herrenkrug. The RE 1 stops at all subway stations between Herrenkrug and Burg, which extends […]

The new NBA season would begin in December

The league’s calendar proposal, which was to begin next January, must be studied by the Players Association (NBPA), as announced by the NBA in an official statement. The date of the beginning of the season would be December 22 and the NBA, whose finals ended on October 11 in the Disney World “bubble”, ruined the […]

Châtelineau is not spared and closes its doors permanently in December

Posted on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 8:04 p.m. By M.PZA (with YB) On October 4, the employees of the H&M store located at Shopping Cora in Châtelineau learned very bad news: on December 12, the store will close its doors for good. On Thursday, employees learned that they risked a dry layoff. The H&M […]

Hospital de Cereté will continue to be intervened by the Superintendency of Health

The improvements in infrastructure, the recovery of the portfolio and the opening of services are three of the objectives set by the health authorities in front of the Sandiego de Cereté Hospital, which will continue to be operated for another year. The Health Superintendent, Fabio Aristizábal Ángel stated that “the intervention ordered at the Sandiego […]

The Nobel Prize for Medicine to discover the hepatitis C virus – Biotech

The Nobel Prize for Medicine 2020 was awarded to Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton e Charles M. Rice for the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. They were the first to be able to identify a virus responsible for a disease that was incurable until recently, contributing so to save many lives. Their discovery, notes […]