Home winner Miljoenenjacht in shock after winning 199,000 euros: ‘Is it real?’

There is a first time for everything, including Winston Gerschtanowitz. The presenter surprised home winner Maxime on Sunday evening, but was received in a completely empty house. How did that happen? The owners of Maxime’s rental home returned from America and so the teacher had to move. She told Gerschtanowitz that she has already found […]

Legia and Raków can earn a fortune. Millions of euros in the game

The capital team has already earned EUR 2.96 million (approx. PLN 13.5 million) for advancing to the Europa Conference League. For each victory, he will receive an additional half a million euros (approx. PLN 2.3 million). For a draw, Legia will receive PLN 166,000. euro (approx. PLN 760,000). Continuation of the material below the video […]

Bad weather Daniel: How will 18.75 million euros be shared among twelve OTAs and Agencies

Additional financing of municipalities, Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises (MEWA) and regionsamounting to 18.75 million euros, in order for the OTA to deal with the effects of natural disasters, with an emphasis on the effects of bad weather Daniel includes his invitation Ministry of the Interior which was modified. This concerns the submission of […]

They will have a collection yard in Smižany for almost 400,000 euros

It will be guarded by a camera system. FRIED FRIES. The construction of the collection yard began on Monday in the village of Smižany near Spišská Nová Ves. As the mayor Miroslava Szitová (KDH, SaS) informed, the municipality managed to obtain a subsidy of 371,000 euros for the project from the Environmental Quality Operational Program. […]

The average mortgage rises more than 162 euros per month

Newly built homes in the PAI of Malilla. Francisco Calabuig The tenth consecutive rise in the price of money worsens the pressure on Valencian mortgage holders. The average mortgage is 162 euros more expensive than twelve months ago (1,944 euros more per year). This figure corresponds to the impact of an increase in the Euribor […]

Financial Relief to 1000 Euros: Exploring Your Loan Options

Thus, as online lending platforms like Crezu Spain become increasingly prominent, we must continue to explore the various financing options available and how these will allow you to best meet your financial needs. Join us as we navigate the world of financial relief through 1000 euro loans! Online loans: In what situations should we request […]