Dimayor announces the League’s return schedule

The Dimayor socialized, through a statement sent last Monday night, the provisions, tests, dates and requirements to roll out the biosecurity protocol for the return of Colombian football in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In the guide text, which was sent to all FPC teams, you can see the detailed step by step that […]

Coronavirus News | day without discounts | Economy

The lessons learned from the day without VAT have been learned, not only in terms of having a more orderly and coordinated operation, under the leadership of the mayors of each city and population, but also adopting mechanisms to streamline purchases and transactions, the country is ready for the second of these days in the […]

Zity and WiBLE are back, but with big changes

Efe Madrid Updated:05/18/2020 13: 21h save Car rental companies Zity and WiBLE have announced this Monday the reactivation of their respective services on the occasion of the advance in the de-escalation of the confinement, although with new requirements and security measures. Zity will reactivate its service next Wednesday, May 20, when it will also be […]

The International Board approves the five changes temporarily

The International Board (IFAB), guarantor of football laws, has authorized the passage of three to five changes per game this Friday to avoid injury to the players, after a two-month hiatus, a provisional measure applicable since the resumption of competitions. This amendment to Gambling Law 3, which comes “immediately into force”, will apply to competitions […]

“Changes Now Bowie”, the singer and the superman

Álvaro Alonso Updated:04/30/2020 01: 00h save David Bowie’s legacy continues to be enjoyed and studied equally after four years have passed since his death. This 2020, an unpublished video made by Tim Pope of the song “Repetition” from the 1997 tour, while listening to the release scheduled for June 20, Changes Now Bowie, an LP […]

FIFA proposes five changes per game and a sixth in extensions until 2021

TheFIFAwants to allow teams to performup to five substitutions per game until the end of 2021, forthus alleviate the workloadextra from the players that can promote a more intense schedule due to the pandemic of thecoronavirus. The international soccer entity confirmed this suggestion to the DPA agency following a report from the tabloid ‘Sun’, which […]

Marine indicators of ecological change

” NOTwe are today French laboratory hosting the most scientific programs supported by the French Polar Institute “, points out Christophe Guinet, director of the CEBC. A situation inherited from the specialties of the first researchers assigned to this CNRS research unit, now associated with the University of La Rochelle. “The CEBC is 50 years […]