Warren Buffett’s company lost about $ 50 billion due to coronavirus

The company of billionaire Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway in the I quarter of 2020 lost $ 47.9 billion against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, which is about 20% of the total revenue in 2019, the company’s website said. The company’s stock portfolio declined by $ 55.5 billion over the quarter. Berkshire itself has fallen […]

Hedge Funds Bet More Than Two Trillion On Falling Stocks And Bonds | Markets

Hedge funds are more closely watched than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its bets against fixed income and stock markets around the planet, for about two trillion euros, so advise, according to the report published yesterday by the body that groups more than 115 securities commissions from around the world, Iosco. The conclusions indicate […]

The 10 newly discovered bird species that will disappear in 20 years | Science

Frank E. Rheindt, researcher in the department of biological sciences of the National University of SingaporeHe traveled to the Wallacea Islands on his own to watch birds. During that 2009 expedition, the scientist discovered new birds that he did not know. Four years later, he left with his team to collect all the information and […]

Australian Open 2020: Nadal still lacks edge | sports

Nadal comforts a ball boy during the game against Delbonis. Video: The Country. D. A. | AP There was the story of lefties and, in that field, you already know: overwhelming logic. The good guy from Federico Delbonis had it all against him. Not just because of the fact that in the three previous pulses […]

Joan Mateu goes back to his twenties as an artist in Les Bernardes

Paintings, but also sketches, unfinished work and furniture, to review the twenty years dedicated to the art of the painter Joan Mateu from Salt. The artist opens the exhibition on Friday Dead time Les Bernardes de Salt, a sample of which also publishes a book and an album with his music. The exhibition also allows […]

retro-looking electric mobility

ABC Motor Madrid Updated:03/04/2020 01: 49h save Related news Micro Mobility Systems has presented its retro-looking electric vehicles: Microlino and Microletta. The first is a microcar inspired by the classic Isetta and Microletta is a three-wheeled scooter, according to Electric Mobility. Specifically, the Microlino 2.0 is a small electric very nice and urban. The Isetta […]

The ant strategy: the best way to save at any age | Good Life

The lights go out and, as happy birthday begins to sound, a friend approaches you with a cake in his hands. Candles prove that you have exceeded twenty. The 30 have arrived and turning back the clock is not an option, you can only take stock of the experience: the vital situation, work, family, couple […]