They occupy former Ambassador Sanclemente’s farm and capture three people

Deputy prosecutor Martha Mancera reported Wednesday at a press conference that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police occupied the four properties of the former ambassador Fernando Sanclemente’s farm, located in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where a cocaine processing laboratory was found. Likewise, the official indicated that “three people who allegedly worked in the crystallizer were captured.” The […]

Buenos Aires: reforms to Real Estate, Automotive and Seals for the year 2020

The Law maintains the values ​​per square meter of covered area and the tables of impossible base, fixed quota and aliquot on the surplus that already had its own in 2019. But it introduces an update of the fiscal valuations within the framework of art. 79 of Law No. 10,707, in this way for the […]

A new fiscal system for the 21st century | Economy

Creating a new international tax system adapted to the 21st century is a key challenge of our time. It is our collective responsibility to find an agreement on this issue at the global level, from now to the end of the year. Because we have a unique opportunity to redefine the global tax system to […]

Trump’s crusade against the Department of Justice | U.S

Donald Trump and William Barr, in a file image. On video, Barr’s statements exclusively to ABC News on February 13. CHARLES REX ARBOGAST (AP) / VIDEO: ABC NEWS-QUALITY “The president is not above the law.” The message was crushingly repeated by the Democrats to try to convince the Republican senators to acquit Donald Trump in […]