Eight out of 10 companies will remain in “home office” after confinement

79% of companies that carried out remote work due to confinement due to COVID-19 they will follow this modality when the period of protection for the pandemic ends. “Without a doubt, we see a great opportunity in the long-term implementation of the” home office “model. The results are showing that the same quality and efficiency […]

Comment: Beware of permanent home office!

Home office It is questionable whether working conditions at home can actually be checked. (Photo: Imago) The good experience with the home office gives companies new ideas. What if the employees didn’t come back to the offices at all? For Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg it is already clear: he could attract employees who do not […]

NYSE leaves brokers back on Wall Street

new York Peter Tuchman has already checked the situation on Wall Street. “It still looks like a ghost town down here,” he says on Thursday during his tour of the New York Stock Exchange. “But that will change soon. It starts again on Tuesday. It’s still the best financial institution in the world. ” The […]

Home office as a possible tax trap

NNever before have there been as many employees in the home office as there are now. The cost of a home office is only tax deductible under limited conditions. However, this can also turn into a disadvantage. Caution is advised if the home is sold at a profit within ten years and a study has […]

Home Office VIII

Monday. Shock, the baker is free. The colleague says that she wants to go to the hairdresser, to the zoo, to the museum, to the beautician, to the nursing home, to sports, to the Main, to life. Holger Appel Business editor, responsible for “Technology and Engine”. Tuesday. The man in front of me at the […]

When the banks want to bring their employees back to the office

Home office Because of the corona virus, many bank employees do their work from home. (Photo: dpa) Dusseldorf Not only international financial groups like Credit Suisse or Goldman Sachs are thinking about how they can get their employees back to their offices after weeks in the home office. Planning for the period after the coronavirus […]

The home office remains

DThe Indian consultancy Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) had to send more than 400,000 of its 448,000 employees around the world – i.e. more than 90 percent – to their home office in March. After the lockdown was lifted, the new way of working was not to be completely reversed: “We will not return to where […]

Österrichs employees work around one hour longer in the home office

Data collected by NordVPN teams shows a significant increase in business VPN usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. In some countries, sales increased by almost 600 percent, in Europe the increase was more than 200 percent. […] In Austria, the average length of a working day increased by 11 percent. (c) Pixabay Austria was the leader […]

Germans are buying more and more headphones – these are the best

In 2019 alone, 14.5 million units were sold in Germany, according to the industry association gfu. This corresponds to a market growth of 15 percent compared to the previous year – and according to gfu, demand is currently increasing. The association suspects that the increased demand is directly related to the corona pandemic. Significantly more […]

Home Office VII

Monday. The Greens are demanding consumer vouchers for everyone over 250 euros to boost retail. For buns, for example. The baker thinks that, far from the market and close to the state, they have to print the money every month. I agree with her. That would finally be a solid raise. Limited in time and […]