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Victims of double homicide in Santa Marta would be part of the ‘La Silla’ clan

Alexander de Jesús Granados Herrera and Óscar Javier Jacoby Bonett were the two people killed in a hitman attack that happened on Avenida del Libertador with Carrera 19, in Santa Marta. The authorities indicated that Cristian Camilo González Robles, alias ‘Bejuco’, is torn between life and death in the Intensive Care Unit of the Mar … Read more

The case of Giertych is very serious

Damian Cygan: The court did not agree to arrest Ryszard Krauze and other suspects arrested in the same case as Roman Giertych. How do you rate it? Sebastian Kaleta: This is a very strange court decision. The prosecutor’s announcements show that the investigation was carried out in an extremely detailed and meticulous way for a … Read more

Baku announced the fall of Armenian missiles near the oil pipeline going to Russia :: Politics :: RBK

The Prosecutor General’s Office believes that the Armenian side, by launching missiles, tried to deliberately destroy infrastructure facilities, thus creating dangerous conditions for crude oil and export condensate pipelines, the destruction of which could cause significant material damage. Investigative measures are being taken at the scene of the incident. A spokesman for the Armenian Defense … Read more

There is Giertych’s first comment from the hospital

Giertych’s message is written very incoherently and with many errors. During the search in the house, the lawyer fainted and was hospitalized. His attorneys believe that Giertych was interrogated while he was unconscious, and that the charges were read out to him while he was asleep. “Beloved! You are very weak, so tomorrow I will … Read more

“Nobody has a registered position”: prosecutor on the departure of the director of Legal Medicine

The nation’s attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, confirmed on Monday that he declared the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine, Claudia Adriana García, unsubscribed, as part of the adjustments to form his new work team. The prosecutor said that “no one here has a registered position” when asked at a press conference about the departure … Read more

On video | Invías calls to stop vandalism in Pumarejo

After the complaints made through Wasapea to EL HERALDO about the vandalism attacks against the Pumarejo bridge, which have it in the dark, the National Institute of Vías (Invías) called on the local authorities to continue working together for security of this “great work”. Juan Esteban Romero, director of Invías, assured that The purpose is … Read more

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Arbistar bitcoin platform for a scam of up to 850 million

The Prosecutor’s Office has opened proceedings against the cryptocurrency purchase and sale platform Arbistar for an alleged scam that ranges between 100 and 850 million euros, according to the first investigations. More of 32,000 families cannot access savings in the form of bitcoins that they had deposited in products of the firm Arbistar 2.0, with … Read more

Russia asked Germany for data on Navalny’s treatment :: Politics :: RBC

Фото: Christoph Soeder / dpa / Global Look Press The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office asked Germany for legal assistance due to the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny. Information about this is posted on the website of the department. “The German side is asked, in particular, to provide the Russian authorities with explanations, information and evidence of … Read more

Three seconds before turning over, Martín Elías’ truck was going at 159K / H

The Fourth Criminal Court of Sincelejo has in its possession the technical report of the Toyota company that reveals that the truck in which the vallenato singer Marín Elías Díaz Acosta lost his life on April 14, 2017, would have exceeded the speed limits allowed when it was mobilized by the San Onofre (Sucre) -Lorica … Read more