This is how the ‘pyramid’ accused of million-dollar scams works

Omega Pro It is known for being one of the most controversial pyramid structures in the world, this due to the thousands of complaints made by various people in a matter of alleged scams made by the company. According to information from the organization itself, it has to its credit more than 1.8 million members […]

Alert for fraudulent ads in buying groups – sale of Facebook – El Sol de Parral

Rewrite this content Alertan in social media for frauds in which the alleged sale of items and once the money is deposited, the seller does not answer the calls again, in addition alleged loans of up to 100 thousand pesos with payment facilities and without further requirements: vineyard take the place number 10 nationwide for […]

Nurse is convicted of administering fake vaccine to nearly 9,000 people

Playback/Twitter/Deutschland_BRD Nurse was convicted of giving fake vaccine to patients A nurse was convicted of applying false doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to about 8,600 elderly people between March and April 2021, in the city of Friesland, in Germany 🇧🇷 Antje T., 39, will serve six months in prison on parole, according to a […]