The storm Fabien puts Galicia and Asturias on red alert due to rain, wind and waves

21/12/2019 09:02 – Updated: 12/21/2019 18:38 After the last flicks of the squall ‘Elsa’, who has left at least five fatalities and considerable economic damage in his wake, a new storm is coming to the northeast of the peninsula, ‘Fabien‘, which threatens to stay until Sunday. In total, there will be 16 autonomous communities that […]

Decided to take a shower while watching the online meeting but … left the camera on

Bernardo Bustillo, a city councilor in Torrelavega, in northern Spain, resigned after inadvertently broadcasting a video to be bathed during a city council meeting. Earlier this week, Torrelavega councilors met online to discuss some of the problems that the municipality, with about 52 thousand people, faces. Following the protocols established during the confinement in Spain, […]

Viral: Facebook viral | The adorable photograph that kept two bitches from being

Updated on 07/02/2020 at 20:17 Fate gave them a new opportunity. In Facebook an emotional story was published that quickly became viral for having as protagonists two dogs that were very close to knowing death, but were saved thanks to a photo of both, where they are hugged, it was published on the aforementioned social […]

Coronavirus: warn that cigarettes can be …

The Spanish Ministry of Health warned new risks associated with smoking or vaping linked to coronavirus transmission, such as the expulsion of droplets that can contain viral load and be highly contagious, the manipulation of the chinstrap or the contact of the fingers with the mouth after touching the cigarettes. The recommendations come amid the […]

Holidays in a risky area: the employee has no problem, the company does

This year’s employee holiday will be a bit of a nut for companies. If they decide to go to the risk area affected by a coronavirus pandemic, the boss cannot affect them due to possible complications upon their return. Tomáš Procházka from the law firm Eversheds Sutherland explains what else applies to taking holidays after […]

Mayor of Caminha asks GNR for help to end youth gatherings

Ana Peixoto Fernandes Today at 09:28 Mayor of Caminha says groups of dozens of people gather in remote places to drink. GNR dispersed in the last weeks several gatherings of young people, at night, who met to socialize in secluded places in the municipality of Caminha. The mayor, Miguel Alves, is concerned about the health […]