Despite Corona, these planes leave from Leipzig and Dresden

Lufthansa does not currently fly to Leipzig / Halle Lufthansa, on the other hand, took Leipzig / Halle completely out of the plan. Reason: The most important international connections start from Frankfurt or Munich. Anyone who wanted to go there could easily take the train from Leipzig. The decision will be checked again, said Lufthansa […]

Culture of remembrance: Why there were never Hitler monuments

AOn the dance floor of insanity that we call Twitter, a strange micro-debate about Hitler monuments can be followed for days. It is a branch of the controversy over outdated monuments that began with the overthrow of the slave trader statue in Bristol by an activist mob. In short, it is about the argument that […]

$23 Million Contract Dispute Between Leeds And Leipzig Could Become Benchmark

Leeds United have no interest in keeping RB Leipzig loanee Jean-Kevin Augustin. (Photo by Nigel … [+] Roddis/Getty Images) Getty Images In 2017, RB Leipzig’s then sporting director appeared to have made a fantastic deal. The Red Bulls signed talented striker Jean-Kevin Augustin for €16 million ($17.6 million) from Paris Saint-Germain. Augustin received a five-year contract […]

Another bidder for the Schicka. To hosting him he said he wanted Newcastle

With the information came to british newspaper the Daily Mail, which reported that Newcastle would have Schicka in the ideal case took on annual hosting options. Weird, right? AS Rome, to which the Czech striker belongs, perhaps half of the spring acts in Leipzig on the amount for a transfer and now a football player […]

Change of timetable: More trains, more frequent connections in Brandenburg

Long-distance traffic In mid-December, Germany’s new long-distance line Dresden – Berlin – Rostock will start up gradually, initially with ten journeys a day. From March there is a two-hour cycle with 16 trips. DB uses modern double-decker trains on the new line. They offer WiFi, on-board catering in the train café and have space for […]

Corona early warning system using wastewater: test phase

When developing a corona early warning system with the help of wastewater samples from sewage treatment plants, the test phase also begins this week in NRW. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig on Monday. A team of scientists and wastewater treatment plant operators wants to […]

Bundesliga: ghost games – a completely different football

Bundesliga Ghost games A completely different football As of: 3:19 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes BVB outclasses Schalke in the district derby Borussia Dortmund beat FC Schalke 04 4-0 in the district derby. The high-profile BVB expanded a series, and striker Erling Haaland continued to deliver incredible numbers. The Bundesliga has made a fresh […]

Bundesliga: Creepy atmosphere during the ghostly duels

Bundesliga Fresh start of the Bundesliga The creepy atmosphere during the ghostly duels As of May 16, 2020 | Reading time: 5 minutes 22 players, three referees and plenty of free space – the ghost games in the Bundesliga are reminiscent of games in the district class Source: Carsten Lappe / Pool via Getty Images […]

BVB – Schalke 04: Sports betting – How to systematically earn money

SSince his studies, Michael Monka has been concerned with predicting probabilities. His employees at the University of Bochum researched chances of winning in gambling, and the graduate statistician specialized in the field of sports betting. WORLD: Mr. Monka, you claim that sports betting is good for capital investments. How did you come to this conclusion? […]