Clash with loud motorcycle driving, police injured 8

Eight people, including three policemen, were injured in a clash between two groups over loud motorcycle riding in Kishoreganj’s Bhairab. One person has been sent to Dhaka in critical condition. On Saturday (March 11) at around 8 pm, the clash took place between the house of Alim Sarkar in Bhairabpur Uttarpara and the people of […]

Behind the death of the old man who toppled his motorcycle

Behind the death of the old man who overturned the motorcycle and the heir was sued: the old man is a habitual offender In June 2022, Mr. Chen’s motorcycle in Shanghai was deliberately pushed down by an old man, causing a loss of more than 9,000 yuan. Because the elderly guardian avoided seeing him, Mr. […]

[New Vehicle]“Ténéré 700 Rally” Accessory Package Released! -Webike Plus

Rewrite this content Yamaha Motor has announced a special edition “Ténéré 700 ABS Rally” that equips the “Ténéré 700” with optional accessory parts as standard. At the same time, the exterior full kit “THE FIRST TENERE BODY KIT” also appeared as an accessory part. It is possible to reproduce the world view of the former […]

The Invasion of China’s Electric Motors Today, Unlike the Mocins of the Past

JAKARTA, – Electric vehicles are believed to be the future of transportation in Indonesia. The government has also issued a number of regulations so that the trend of electric vehicles is quickly absorbed by the public. In the two-wheeled segment, Chinese manufacturers are looking more aggressively into the zero emission motorcycle segment. Various electric […]

Honda Aircraft Company announces the latest model “HondaJet Elite II” |[MotoMegane]Park up for motorcycle and motorcycle information

2022 10/19 Honda motor industry stock companyis a small business jet developed by Honda Aircraft Company, an aircraft business subsidiary.「HondaJet Elite II」announced. An upgraded version of the HondaJet, the vehicle can travel farther due to an expanded fuel tank and increased maximum takeoff weight. In addition, the cockpit seat space has been expanded, and noise […]