The second expedition of vans from Casalarreina returns with nine Ukrainians

Ángel Pérez Aguilar poses with the Ukrainians transferred to Spain. / L.R. First thing yesterday morning, the second expedition that has traveled to Ukraine to donate material and bring refugees returned to Casalarreina. Of the nine Ukrainians transferred, one family will settle in Galdácano, another in Castro Urdiales, a woman has traveled on her own […]

SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen Dolphins want to continue their success

Krefeld Full of self-confidence, the SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen cheerleaders travel with nine teams to the West regional championship in Bottrop. Of course they are among the favorites again this year. After a successful start to the season at the national championships in their own hall on the Löschhofweg, the Dolphins cheerleaders from SC Bayer […]

“At 9 I saw my father hit my mother, I saw her spit blood”

On November 9, ‘Will’, the memoirs of actor Will Smith, arrives at bookstores. Far from the brilliance and glory of Hollywood, the story contains passages that show a childhood and a family life marked by the sexist violence of his father, William Carroll Smith, and also by the guilt of a child who was paralyzed […]

Scientists from nine countries delve into ocean technologies at Plocan

As highlighted by Plocan in a statement, this year the Glider School has stood out for its “international dimension”, bringing together students from Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Kenya, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. And they specify that there have been, among them three scientists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, as well […]

Places in the world that pay to move there – More Regions – International

After the world almost stopped and many countries closed their borders due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19, currently, new opportunities are beginning to open in countries that have a small population and that even provide economic incentives that facilitate the stay in these places. (Also read: Batteries! If you meet these conditions, you […]