Is this the coach who will replace Mario Gomez at Arema FC? All pages

MALANG, – Mario Gomez’s future replacement coach puzzle at Arema FC starts at a strong. A number of directions provided by management and coaching staff refer to several names. Since the departure of Mario Gomez, a number of names have been linked with Arema FC. Most widely there is the name of the former […]

Splashy Dozens of BUMN Bank Employees in Malang Exposed to COVID-19

Poor – A chain message circulates through WhatsApp. The message contained information stating that there were 30 BRI Malang employees exposed to COVID-19. In fact, the message stated, there were two BRI Kanwil Malang employees who died because of COVID-19. So that all BRI services in Malang are closed today. When confirmed, the Task Force […]

12 million more mexicans without income in April

Don’t think I have read a figure as ominous and oppressive as the survey of Inegi, which gives an account of the loss of income of 12 million mexicans in the month of April. The Inegi reports that, during the month of April, 12.3 percent of the working-age population stopped working, the equivalent to 12 […]

The lost Madrid where epidemics and death lived | Blog Know You

From Madrid to heaven, but going through the grave first. In the capital, that “poorly built poblachón” as Manuel Azaña called it, most of the last years of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th are characterized by more deaths than births. In a century Madrid has been shaken by four epidemics […]

Pain on the poor bank of the Thames

The Excel conference center, where governments, agencies and tourism professionals meet or display their offerings at the World Travel Market, one of the most important annual fairs in Europe, is now an empty shell, after the hospital closure campaign mounted by the British Army. Covid-19 supplemental sick beds were not required. And that despite the […]

The Juan XXIII neighborhood, one of the poorest in Spain

Zone 4-A of Alicante, which includes for the most part the Juan XXIII neighborhood, is among the neighborhoods in Spain with the lowest average annual income per inhabitant, since they are below 6,000 euros, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). According to the INE, the neighborhoods with the highest average annual income […]

Berlin start-up Rübbelberg: Glory to the egg liqueur!

Eierlikör creates images in your head. Senior living room, oil painting with mountain motif, a coffee party. Older women ponder delicately on high-stemmed liqueur bowls. This image does not want to fit the hip Berlin start-up world and representatives of this scene like Christopher Leidinger, Philipp Nagel and Sebastian Tigges. But the full-bodied claim with […]

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold

In Idlib province, last in opposition hands after nine years of civil war, 3.5 million people live, most displaced by the regime’s offensive and the bombings of Russian aviation. It is a poor and jobless area, controlled by the jihadist group HTS, which last year forcibly subdued the rest of the rebel factions.