Malang Regency Government Affirms Unlicensed Viral Mayor Sutiaji Gowes

Poor – The Malang City Government claims that the Mayor of Sutiaji’s ride with the finish of Kondang Merak Beach already has a permit. However, the Malang Regency Government has denied this. “And we have never given permission to open it, until now we have never been at the Tourism Office to give a permit,” […]

The fight against medicines of doubtful origin continues in poor countries

It is usually common for persons trust blindly when ingesting medicines, but this is usually more reliable only in the cases of those countries that belong to the First world. a study made by the United Nations (HIM-HER-IT) determined that a 10% of the medicine sold in Developing countries sound of low quality it is […]

Viral CCTV footage of dog shooting in Malang, police conduct investigation

Screenshot of the viral video of a dog being shot with an air rifle. (Source: MALANG, KOMPAS.TV – A video recording the moments of someone shooting a dog using an air rifle has gone viral on social media. In the video circulating, it is explained that the incident occurred in the Bukit Dieng area, […]

Preventing Mobility of Citizens, Karanglo Malang Interchange Access is Closed

Poor – The partition was started at the Karanglo intersection, Singosari District, Malang Regency, during the Emergency PPKM. Traffic flow to the city of Malang was completely closed. Monitoring, police officers installed a road barrier for access to Malang City from Singosari or Surabaya. All vehicles were diverted to Batu City via Karangploso. Access […]

Malang City Baznas Take Over Debt of 24th Kindergarten Teachers Online Loans

Poor – The debt repayment process for S (32), a former kindergarten teacher for 24 online loan applications (Pinjol) is ongoing. The municipal government appointed the Malang City Government to carry out the process, specifying the amount of the loan. Accompanied by his attorney, S came to the Malang City Baznas office today. The calculation […]

New Cluster Appears, Mosques in Malang Closed for Two Weeks

Poor – The spread of the COVID-19 virus occurs in the complex of Perum Bukit Hijau and Permata Hijau, Tlogomas Village, Lowokwaru District, Malang City. At least, 18 residents are said to have been exposed to the Corona virus. This case gave rise to a new cluster. The mayor of Malang, Sutiaji revealed, the closure […]