Car insurance: Nine percent more changers than in the previous year

11/23/2022 – The cancellation service Aboalarm has analyzed thousands of contract terminations and drawn a picture of the switching activity. Two insights emerge: firstly, a good nine percent more canceled their car insurance this year than in 2021 and secondly, money is the driving factor behind it. More changers than in the previous year in […]

These are the private health insurance providers with the most care Bahr insured

November 14, 2022 – At the end of 2021, Debeka had the largest portfolio of state-subsidized care policies among private health insurers, with almost 192,000 insured persons. The UKV and the R+V in second and third place are each at a good 100,000. More than three quarters of the total portfolio is spread over just […]

Lindner presents plans: Stock pension is built up with credit

You might also be interested in these articles 23.9.2022 – The General Association of the Insurance Industry completed the change in leadership on Thursday. The new boss Norbert Rollinger immediately announced new initiatives. Finance Minister Christian Lindner reassured the industry in terms of pension obligations for the self-employed. (Image: Bruss) more … 26.9.2022 – After […]

Index – Kultúr – Klári Tolnay once said: If I die, I will become a pass

He was authentic and true to his roles. And he had great credit with the public. Styles came and went, Klári Tolnay survived them all without a hitch or embarrassment. It remained simple. Witty. Intimate. Direct. He had great dramatic power. (Péter Gál Molnár, Népszabadság) There were years when he was neglected by the theater […]

The consumption and media behavior of the generation over 55 is changing

21. 10. 2022 The standard of living of the generation of Czech citizens aged 55-69 is improving, and those who have already reached retirement age want to spend it more actively than the previous generation of senior citizens. This follows from a new wave of research focused on the so-called silver generation from OMG Research. […]

How digital everyday work in companies is

10/17/2022 – Three out of four companies with ten or more employees allow – at least some of the staff – remote access to the email system or documents and software. Around half make use of the option of holding business meetings online. Image: Helena Lopes on Unsplash As is repeatedly emphasized, the digitization of […]

“MotoGP – Animoca Brands Grand Prix of Australia” – Sport – Motorcycling, Servus TV, October 16th, 2022, 5:00 a.m. – Broadcast in the TV program – TV & Radio

2 points between world championship leader Fabio Quartararo and pursuer Francesco Bagnaia. 20 points between the top 3. 40 points between the top 5 in the world championship – that’s how exciting the 2022 motorcycle world championship is! The pressure is increasing, small mistakes now make the difference. World Championship leader Fabio Quartararo has to […]