HBO GO: Film and series premieres on July 1-14, 2020

HBO GO streaming service is characterized by the fact that on the platform almost every day there are not only movies or full seasons of the series, but also subsequent episodes of individual series in a cyclical form. Therefore, in the first part of this material we present interesting news and series (excluding the series […]

Where real estate prices will go up

7.5.2020 – Owners of apartments can count on substantial increases in value in many regions, especially in the metropolises, in southern Germany and in the northwest. In contrast, there is a risk of losses in eastern Germany. The corona crisis appears to have little impact on the real estate market. This shows a forecast that […]

“New quiz duel”: the quiz duel successor in the test

The Quizduell success story Simple, captivating and challenging: these are some of the success factors of the Quizduell app. Since 2014, a total of well over 30 million Germans have been quizzing in 19 categories against friends or randomly assigned strangers. In six guessing rounds, the opponents compete on three questions per category. The game […]

Where real estate is expensive and where it is cheap

7.4.2020 – The development of the purchase price of used condominiums in German regions is shown in the “Housing Atlas 2020”. The trend: prices rose in 90 percent of counties and cities. The reason given for this is that interest rates are low, while demand is high and supply is scarce. ADVERTISING Concrete gold remains […]

Survey: Few don’t expect long-term problems

April 17, 2020 – In a survey by KSV1870, two thirds of around 1,100 companies speak of the strong or very strong effects of the corona crisis on their economic situation. The proportion of those who rate their business situation as good or very good has halved within a few weeks. In every second company, […]

Insurers should suspend dividend payments – VersicherungsJournal Österreich

6.4.2020 – Non-mandatory dividend payments and share buybacks should be suspended as far as possible, variable remuneration should be applied conservatively and postponed if necessary. This is what Eiopa and FMA suggest to insurance companies. Distribute dividends – yes or no? In the wake of the Corona crisis, this question has become the subject of […]

Digitization: What market participants would like to have regulated

7.2.2020 – Transparency in algorithms and robo advice, skepticism towards “too much” use of chatbots, facilitation of consistently digital business processing, approval for regulation of comparison platforms, criticism of “mere” digitization of already existing products and modularization, which the customer in It is more expensive than an existing product – these are some of the […]

PwC: Many CEOs feel too “cybersecure”

02/06/2020 In September and October 2019, PwC asked 1,581 CEOs in 83 countries to what extent they feel threatened by certain dangers. In Austria, 26 percent expressed great concerns about protectionism, followed by populism and trade conflicts, each with 24 percent. Cyber ​​attacks were mentioned by 21 percent (global: 33 percent). Numerous domestic companies still […]