he came to threaten a woman

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 12:27 p.m. Through An.-C.C. Sunday afternoon, a man of Eritrean origin was arrested after being seen with a grenade in his hand, near the rue Turenne, upper town in Charleroi. It was 12:30 pm this Sunday, November 1, when a man was arrested at rue Turenne, in Charleroi. […]

YouTube launched a competitor to TikTok :: Business :: RBC

For now, YouTube is only available to users in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok Фото: Toby Melville / Reuters Video hosting YouTube has launched a short video service YouTube Shorts. YouTube announced this in its official blog. The new service, like TikTok, can shoot 15-second videos, which […]

US Senate approves sanctions against China over Hong Kong :: Politics :: RBC

The US Senate passed a bill on sanctions against China in connection with the law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. It is reported by USA Today. The document provides for sanctions for banks and companies that deal with Chinese officials related to the extension of the National Security Act to Hong Kong. It […]

World oil demand fell to 1995 level :: Economy :: RBC

Global oil demand in April 2020 will fall to a minimum since 1995, the International Energy Agency said. In the coming months, the free capacity for its storage may be exhausted, the organization warned. BRENT BR-5.20 $ 28.56 -5.37% Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS World oil demand in April 2020 will fall by 29 million […]

New chapters of the book crisis | Culture

The book world, like the rest of society, is distressed. And after more than twenty days of confinement, you begin to feel more or less restless the following week or the first future when you minimize the coronavirus crisis. “Many of us will not be able to live out of this trade or the industry […]