Covid-19 vaccination: Colombia will invest $286,000 million in doses – Health

In the midst of a significant increase in covid-19 cases, which is added to a peak of respiratory diseases and a strong winter wavethe Ministry of Health told EL TIEMPO that it has already purchased 3,795,000 doses of bivalent vaccines (BA.4/5) – that is, with two variants – to continue fighting the virus. This was […]

From today free flu vaccines for everyone

From Saturday 26 November, Lombards will be able to get the flu vaccine for free. Therefore, it will no longer be only the most exposed categories such as children or over 60 or those at risk for pathology that can be administered the flu vaccine. Vaccinations can be administered by general practitioners, paediatricians, pharmacies or […]

Covid, the vaccine halves the risk of reinfection. The Italian study

Health and wellness Influenza: symptoms, incubation and transmission. What you need to know According to data collected by ISS sentinel doctors, the flu season exploded in Italy between 24 and 30 October. The most common symptoms include fever, dry cough and pain and can last up to 1-2 weeks in the worst cases. Vaccines remain […]

Pfizer’s vaccine for Omicron, BQ. Antibody large in 1.1 | Reuters

The U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the German biopharmaceutical company Biontech announced on the 18th that the new coronavirus Omicron strain-derived BQ. It was more than twice as high as the first doses of the two companies’ vaccines, the company said. This photo was taken in November 2021. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration) (Reuters) – U.S. pharmaceutical giant […]

Bronchiolitis strikes early and hard, hospital emergency plan

At the origin of a record number of hospitalizations “for more than ten years”, which are fueling the crisis in pediatrics, the bronchiolitis epidemic strikes early and hard this year in France, as in other countries, pushing the government trigger a national emergency plan for exceptional health situations. Noting a “continuation of the increase” in […]

Covid-19: how effective is Pfizer’s new bivalent vaccine?

It is a new weapon in the fight against Covid-19. Since the beginning of October, French people vulnerable to the virus can receive a new dose of vaccine, with a modified product, called “bivalent”, specifically targeting Omicron and its sub-variants. Both Pfizer and Moderna have developed one using messenger RNA technology. According to the first […]

Influenza, Covid-19, syncytial virus: the United States faces a triple epidemic threat

The symptoms can be similar from one disease to another, which does not facilitate detection. And while most patients recover within a week or two, certain populations like young children or the elderly are at risk of developing severe cases. “We are seeing the highest rate of flu-related hospitalizations in a decade”, underlined the head […]

Pfizer’s bivalent vaccine, strong antibody response one month after vaccination | Reuters

U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Germany’s Biotech announced that a strong antibody response was shown one month after vaccination with the bivalent vaccine for the Omicron strain derivative “BA.4” and “BA.5” of the new coronavirus. October 2020 (2022 REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/File Photo) (Correct typos and resend) [4日 ロイター] – On the 4th, US pharmaceutical Pfizer and […]