He buys an Xbox online and a pitcher with glasses arrives; request help from Profeco

Through your account Twittera netizen denounced that bought in Walmart and Xbox by internet and alone received a glass jar with glasses in exchange. In her complaint through social networks, the girl asked for help from prophet and exposed his case questioning the public institution about the fraud he experienced. “@Profeco if I bought an […]

23-year-old woman died because her parachute did not open during a 1,000-meter jump

Romane Hourcastagnou is a 23-year-old woman who had dedicated herself to skydiving approximately in the last year and who had more than 100 jumps as experience, according to the French Midi Libre portal. The young woman, accompanied by more than a dozen paratroopers who jumped with her, jumped more than 1,000 meters high in Strasbourg […]

Woman bought a house for one euro and had to spend more money

An American woman known as Rubia Daniels was part of the famous initiatives of Italian towns in which houses are sold for just one euro. The American citizen was surprised by the state of the property and revealed the cost she had to assume to take possession of the house. The sale of the properties […]

Polygamist divorces one of his 9 wives because she misses monogamy

Last year, Arthur O Urso went viral around the world after he showed that he had married 8 women in the same ceremony. By that time, he had already married his first wife, Luana Kazaki.published by the Daily Mail. Urso’s marriage to 8 women took place last year in the city of Sao Paulo, but […]

Falling in love with a street dweller: viral trend on TikTok

The trend started with Grogan’s video in which, as a joke, he claimed to have fallen in love with a street dweller whom he had supposedly met in a supermarket in his city. In the video, which was later established as a joke, the Canadian woman said that one day she decided to go to […]