Carolyn Hax – The Washington Post

Carolyn Hax started her advice column in 1997, after five years as a copy editor and news editor in Style and none as a therapist. The column includes cartoons by “relationship cartoonist” Nick Galifianakis — Carolyn’s ex-husband — and appears in over 200 newspapers. Besides the daily column, Carolyn has a weekly live online discussion […]

Charges against Donald Trump’s corporation? Prosecutors with deadline

Although he is no longer in office, ex-US President Donald Trump makes it into the headlines again and again. Now it’s about his company: The decision should be made by this afternoon whether charges will be brought. Photo series with 11 pictures Donald Trump is no longer in the White House – but the former […]

Apple shakes the advertising industry’s business model

Apple CEO Tim Cook at an iPhone presentation The latest operating system of the group offers to prevent tracking. (Photo: Reuters) Düsseldorf, San Francisco Benjamin Lochmann earns his living with game apps such as “Stadt Land Fluss” or “Vier Gewinnt”. The small smartphone programs are free for users, but thanks to advertising they are a […]

TV duel in the US: Leading Republicans criticize Trump after a wild debate

WDuring the debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Trump had refused to condemn right-wing groups. “Who should I judge?” Trump asked the moderator on Tuesday. He also sent a two-faced message to the right-wing radical “Proud Boys”. The American head of state asked them in front of 30 million viewers: “Hold back and be […]