This will be the air biosecurity protocols for airports and passengers

ANow if everything is ready for the country’s airports to start their pilot plan for operations on domestic flights. The National Government presented the Biosecurity Protocol for the Prevention of Covid-19 exclusively for the air operation of national passenger flights, authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Resolution 1054 of June 27, […]

The Compensation Banks will expand the scope of the Emergency Subsidy to the Unemployed

The Family Compensation Funds in their purpose of protecting the vulnerable working class developed and implemented since March the Mechanism for Emergency for the Unemployed, an economic benefit aimed at those people who lost their jobs during the crisis caused by the Covid 19. To date, the Savings Banks have already completed the first phase […]

The Last of Us 2: These are his 30 mind-blowing details

The Last of Us Parte II He liked it a lot, and he liked it very little. Be of the opinion that you are, everyone likes giraffes, true? So forget the dispute that revolves around the title of Naughty Dog and sit down to enjoy The 30 amazing details that Ellie’s new adventure hides, the […]

Banks must provide fixed terms of at least 30% of interest

The minimum rate is found in 26.6%, but now the Central Bank mandated increase in more than three points, with the goal of attracting savers and investors. Through the Communication “A” 7027the monetary authority raised the minimum rate to remunerate the deposits in fixed terms to the equivalent of 79% of the rate of monetary […]

These are the detailed rules for the return to the office | Companies

The return to the office will be framed in that rare exception to which the citizen is getting used to in what the authorities call “new normal” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nothing will be the same at work in these circumstances until there is a vaccine. The first thing that will be different is […]

Vista reported results and its stock rose more than 30%

With the presentation of Galuccio, Vista was the first company dedicated to shale that reported results globally, and after the balance sheet exposure, the markets reacted positively and the company’s stock rose more than 30%. During the presentation, Galuccio announced the measures that the company is taking in the current scenario to protect the cash […]

The exercise with which you will burn calories in just 30 minutes

He busy pace of life carried by most of the Spanish population makes work the star of the week. And of course, when the only two days of rest come, the last thing you want is to exercise. We think that taking care of our body to stay in shape will take us a time […]

Fixed terms today: what rate each bank pays 30 days

In financial system entities, traditional 30-day fixed-term rates up to $ 100,000 they mark a floor of 18% and a ceiling of 27%, well below the 39.46% average offered at the end of the year. The drop in rates had a direct impact on the level of private sector time deposits that, Between March 20 […]

Last minuteā€¦ The corona measure in prisons has been extended until April 30!

According to the written statement made by the Ministry of Justice, the history of transfers from one penal institution to another institution has been extended, except for all opinions, including the visit of a lawyer in open and closed penal execution institutions, the special leave rights of those who remain in open penal execution institutions, […]