Buddies will guide women to abortion clinics in more places

Rewrite this content ANP In association with NH News NOS News•Tuesday, 09:15•Amended Tuesday, 10:12 In more and more places in the country, women who go to an abortion clinic can get a buddy for support. The abortion buddies are already active in Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. In the course of this year, people in […]

Georgia Supreme Court Restores 6-Week Abortion Ban, Suspends Previous Order | abortion

On November 23, the Georgia Supreme Court reinstated the state’s ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The measure temporarily ends access to subsequent abortions that a state judge allowed a week ago. In a one-page ruling (pdf) issued Wednesday, the court vacated a lower court’s recent decision to block the Georgia law. The […]

What things alter a pregnancy test?

What things alter a pregnancy test? Many women have resorted to pregnancy tests to ‘find out doubts’ when the period is late or after having a moment of passion without any protection. Although the tests are believed to be 100% effective, the reality is that they could fail and give false negatives or false positives. […]

In Arizona, the irresistible rise of Trumpist Kari Lake – Liberation

Profile Article reserved for subscribers Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionsdossier If she espouses the extreme theses and methods of the former president, the former Fox News presenter and Republican candidate for governor displays a more empathetic face. Enough to make her the new star of the Trumpist movement. There is only one and only Donald […]

Interview with Audrey Diwan, director of the Event

When it is Eventt in the grand hall of the Venice Film Festival, quite a few times I found myself clenching my stomach, clutching the arm of my chair and barely able to look at what was happening on the screen. Of course Audrey Diwan his film is not a horror film, but a drama […]