Bill Gates and the curious addiction he had at the helm of Microsoft

Bill Gatesone of the richest men in the world, had a curious addiction while he was at the helm of Microsoft. It is a fairly simple game: minesweeperas the homonymous book tells it “minesweeper” the Kyle Orland. In the book, Bruce Ryan, a former director of entertainment for Microsofttells how the game marked the life […]

India can be innovation hub for world, says Bill Gates

Bill Gates at the 5th Ramnath Goenka Memorial Lecture that India can develop and rapidly adopt high-quality but low-cost innovations. Report by Enona Dutt The first 25 weeks of the Covid pandemic destroyed 25 years of progress in global health, and three years later, most countries’ health systems are still not fully operational. Bill Gates. […]

Bill Gates’ Prediction That Will Happen in the Next 5 Years, Horrible!

Jakarta – Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates give predictions about what will happen in the next five years. At the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit last September, Gates gave his views. According to him, the world will experience difficult times in the next few years. “There are going to be five difficult years ahead because […]

The 5 books that Bill Gates recommends to read before the end of 2022

Bill Gates has highlighted that within working life there should always be time to read a good book. Every year the founder of Microsoft shares a list of his recommended reading and this one was no exception. The books include topics such as the impact of climate change, themes of power, gender, novels and different […]