Warren Buffett’s bet generates a 48 million run on TSMC shares – Markets

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway surprised the market by buying a stake in China’s leading chip company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), as the investor has preferred not to make large investments in technology stocks. The purchase piqued the interest of the market, which normally follows the Oracle of Omaha. Berkshire Hathaway announced this week the […]

Warren Buffett’s company with a loss of 38 billion until June – Companies

Berkshire Hathaway, a company owned by US billionaire Warren Buffett, had losses of US$38.295 billion (€37.5 billion) in the first half, compared to gains of US$39.805 billion in the same period last year. The loss of the conglomerate based in Omaha (Nebraska) is equivalent to 37,591 million euros, according to data released today, which attribute […]

Index – Domestic – Warren Buffett knows the recipe against inflation

The world-renowned investor, businessman, revived at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual general meeting his long-standing advice that the most effective defense against inflation is to build our skills and rely on our capabilities to put us at the forefront of our skills, CNBC reports. The best we can do in an inflationary environment is to be exceptionally […]

Bute in it really time, advises Buffett as protection against inflation

<!—-> The best thing you can do is feel good about it, said the legendary investor. He cited professions such as lkai and first-graders as an example, and explained that the people would give what they produce, they will pay for what you give them. According to him, skills, unlike me, are resistant to inflation. […]

Repeat Old Advice, Warren Buffett Explains How To Deal With Inflation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Inflation is taking a toll on the economies of many countries around the world, with everything from gas to foodstuffs experiencing sharp price increases. There’s not much individuals can do to avoid inflation, but Berkshire Hathaway CEO and legendary investor Warren Buffett says people can take certain steps to protect against its […]

Call it a simple investment, this is advice from Warren Buffett

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A seasoned investor from the United States (US) Warren Buffett said that investing is a simple game. Therefore, according to him, this activity can be done without the need for a financial advisor on Wall Street. At Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, Buffett also said financial advisors only caught the ‘crumbs’ […]

Here’s Warren Buffett’s Advice to Face the Ghost of Inflation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Inflation has a negative impact on economic conditions. Everything from gas to groceries will see a sharp rise in prices due to the impact of the Russo-Ukrainian war and the rise in foodstuffs in China. Berkshire Hathaway CEO and legendary investor Warren Buffett says that there are certain steps to protect […]

This Is What Makes Warren Buffett Diligently Buying Apple Stocks

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tech stock prices, which have fallen since the beginning of the year, have been used by veteran global investor Warren Buffett to buy up Apple shares. The investor, dubbed the Oracle of Omaha, has reportedly bought up Apple shares when the price was depressed throughout the first quarter of 2022. Launch […]