United States, the last Blockbuster in the world rents for $ 4 a night

Those born in the last ten years will not be overwhelmed by a bit of melancholy, looking at these images and thinking back to cold winter evenings or weekends spent on the sofa, indigestion of films rented from Blockbuster. The company, which, founded in 1985 in Dallas, filed for bankruptcy in 2010 in the United […]

You can rent the latest Blockbuster store

The last Blockbuster store on the planet is giving die-hard nostalgic video rentals, a trip back in time with 90s-themed sleepovers. An ad on Airbnb features the only resisting video rental store, based in Oregon (northwestern United States). She promises, for just $ 4 a night, to transform the store into a living room “with […]

Hunger Games: Two stars from Mockingjay also in the new film

Fans of The Hunger Games have waited a long time and now it’s finally here: The new novel The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes tells the history of the hunger games. As the author Suzanne Collins has already revealed, a film version will also appear. Two star actors from Mockingjay are even there. There are […]

Jumanji 3: Continuation only on one condition

In 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle became a mega success. With the second part, the makers were able to build on it. Now, of course, the question arises whether Jumanji 3 will appear. The director has his own opinion on this. Because according to him, there should be a very special condition. The director […]