Two people accused of falsifying the Nacho book and other texts are arrested

Santo Domingo, DR. The Public Ministry requested coercive measures against Santiago Arístides Valdez Payano and Diógenes Álvarez Brito, accused of the massive reproduction and illegal commercialization of the book “Nacho Dominicano” and other reading texts, in violation of copyright and intellectual property. The accusing body requested before the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services that […]

Victim of the case of suitcases with drugs in Punta Cana asks for peace and justice

Mrs Julia Bernoit de la Cruzwho allegedly had two suitcases loaded with controlled substances placed in the Punta Cana Airport On September 9, he asked the Dominican authorities to “give him back his dignity” and that those responsible for the act pay the consequences in court. During an interview granted to the YouTube channel “Naked […]

Lula and Bolsonaro — El Nacional

When Paulo Coelho confessed to his mother that his passion was to be a writer, the conservative mother replied at the time: “There is my son, Brazil has more than 100 million inhabitants and Jorge Amado there is only one.” Jorge Amado had already immortalized himself with his novel “Doña Flor and her two husbands”, […]

The men of power from Haiti who do business here

The names of 12 men with economic, political and financial power in Haiti are circulating and, of these, it is at least known that Gilbert Bigio, of Arab-American origin, is a corporate part of companies in the fuel sector in the Dominican Republic, as well as in others related to information systems, air, land and […]

Superintendent of Banks warns “Butter” business is a scam

Santo Domingo, DR. The Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández W., warned yesterday that the business model carried out by “Mantequilla”, in Sabana Grande de Boyá, Monte Plata province, is a scam. Fernández warned on the program El Día, channel 11, that Mantequilla and its partners have managed tens of millions of pesos of the funds […]

Al Horford: “I prepared myself to play a lot”

After seeing his career revive last season with the Boston Celtics, Al Horford says he feels “excited” and “prepared” for what will be his sixteenth campaign through the hoops of the best basketball in the world. The Dominican had a fruitful 2021-22 NBA season after starting 69 games as the starter for the Celtics quintet, […]

Dominicans remain ineligible for US visa lottery program

The United States Department of State, which administers the Diversity Visa Program, better known as the “green card lottery”, it issued a statement listing the countries that do not qualify to receive permanent residence through the contest in 2023. It’s no surprise that Dominicans do not qualify because they are excluded from this program, since […]

CHICAGO – Cubs blank Phillies 2-0, suffering fifth straight loss

The Philadelphia Phillies suffered their fifth straight loss Thursday, 2-0 to the Chicago Cubs, closing them in the fight for the third and final wild-card spot in the NL postseason. Chicago swept the Phillies in their games of the season. Philadelphia is now 83-72, the same record as the Milwaukee Brewers, who later met Miami […]

I could testify — El Nacional

Daddy Yankee will have to testify before the Chilean police for a fraud complaint that has been going on since 2018, reports Elle magazine about the artist who is in Chile selling out several concerts as part of his latest world tour. before the police According to the publication, while in Chile, it seems that […]