Equa Bank is ending. How clients go to Raiffeisenbank and what changes

For the time being, Equa clients continue to use the current account number, including the bank code, payment card, mobile and internet banking, and branches and a call center continue to operate. “Equa bank’s clients today can use all services without change as before. Together with the clients of both banks, we are preparing improvements […]

12 tips on how to survive a healthy weekend heat – ČT24 – Czech Television

Temperatures will approach thirty on Saturday, in the northwestern half of Bohemia they will sometimes reach up to 34 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, it will be over thirty degrees almost everywhere, but up to 36 degrees in the Czech Republic, while locally the mercury in the thermometer can rise even higher. But it is still […]

Dedoles is the beginning. I expect e-shop crashes, says investor Klega

How did the disintegration after the coronavirus pandemic affect the situation on the e-commerce market? After the covid, when e-shops grew up, they drew a lot of money and were profitable. This was reflected in future plans. The loosening brought a significant slowdown in growth, of course, confidence in e-commerce increased, but a lot of […]