Puerto Rico has the highest rate of positive coronavirus cases in the United States

Puerto Rico has the highest rate of positive coronavirus cases in U.S, according to data offered by Johns Hopkins University. The institution, which has become a reference point for tracking cases of COVID-19 in the United States and the world, it places the Island with 100 percent positive cases, well above Arizona, which in second […]

Impressive video: a meteor breaks into the skies of Puerto Rico

At 4:55 a.m. Wednesday, the sky above Puerto Rico was clearly seen as an ace of light and then an explosion. For the hour there were few records, but the event was calcined as “beautiful and colorful” by those who witnessed the phenomenon. But in the afternoon the Caribbean Astronomy Society confirmed what everyone already […]

These are the changes of the new Executive Order

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced today issued the new Executive Order 2020-048 that establishes the following changes: Curfew from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am runs through July 22. Government career employees are due to begin phased work in their respective agencies on July 1. Agencies that offer services to citizens will be able to start receiving […]

Statesmen seek to ride the wave created by Washington DC

Although the proposal approved a few days ago in the federal Lower House so that Washington DC Becoming the 51st state of the United States has no chance of becoming law, statesmen leaders on the island reacted with glee to the message carried by Democratic congressmen who are driving the idea. “Whenever you want to […]

Health reported 71 new cases and one death per COVID-19

The Department of Health reported today, Saturday, 71 new cases and a death by COVID-19 that they put in 3,718 positive cases only, and in 133 the total number of deaths by the disease in Puerto Rico. The death which the agency reported was that of a young man of 27 years, the Metro region, […]

Government allows the religious sector to gather from tomorrow

The secretary of the interior, Antonio Luis Pabón Batlle, announced today that starting tomorrow, Friday, religious denominations are exempt from certain restrictions issued by the Executive Order in force. Until now the churches were only practicing religious services virtually, a method that has been agreed to continue using. “The Government of Puerto Rico, through the […]

Farruko and the scandal his lover plans to impose a lawsuit on

San Juan Puerto Rico.- Despite the fact that the Puerto Rican singer,Farruko, has begun to have greater success in his career recently, now the artist is involved in a scandal with his lover, who plans to sue him. Thanks to local media inPuerto Rico, it came out that the womanJulieselle Machn, is in search of […]

Clarify cremation is not mandatory in times of coronavirus

The cremation It is not a mandatory procedure at this time when many establishments face limitations in their operations, so it remains one more option for relatives of deceased persons. The Puerto Rico Funeral Association (AFPR) issued a statement to clarify that burials continue to be carried out, although with limitations. “It is necessary to […]