Bavarian representation in London is a long time coming – Bavaria

Of course, it’s sometimes about Oktoberfest Bavaria, beer, sausages and a hearty humptata. Some photos from foreign representations of the Free State testify to this, on one there are women in dirndls between white and blue diamonds and mustard dispensers. But at the center of Bavaria’s urge into the big wide world is the economy. […]

Brexit is here – and now ?: The search for a future continues

Saturday, January 16, 2021 Brexit is here – and now? The search for a future continues A guest contribution by Hartmut Kaelble British entrepreneurs vent their displeasure. Bureaucracy, customs regulations, food shortages – London’s supposedly “fantastic Brexit deal” with the EU does not stand up to the reality check. Just two weeks after leaving the […]

Brexit: Companies in the Günzburg district remain connected to the British

Plus The agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom gives companies planning security. It’s about goods worth millions. Where there are cost traps. Of Jan Kubica Partnership instead of union: The Brexit treaty, which has been in force since January 1, regulates future relationships between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which has […]

Portrait: Trump wants to golf – but this woman closes the doors

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is not afraid of wide-legged Alfa males. Now she is denying US President Donald Trump entry. Of Michael Stifter Anyone who calls Nicola Sturgeon the “Iron Lady” of Scotland should not assume that she takes this as a compliment. Yes, the head of the Scottish regional government has shown that […]

Meghan will not become a British citizen

Through her marriage to Prince Harry (36), Duchess Meghan (39) enjoys the privilege of permanent residence in Great Britain. However, the US-American does not have British citizenship – and seems to have given up her pursuit of it. As reported by the Daily Mail, Meghan has been allowed to apply for citizenship since November 21, […]

Corona in Europe: chaos with and without vaccination | Currently Europe | DW

While around 200,000 people in Germany had been vaccinated against the corona virus by the end of the year, it was in France only 516. After critics described the slow start of the vaccination campaign as “scandalous”, the government is now promising rapid improvements. Health Minister Olivier Véran said that the neighbors would be “caught […]

Millie, 6, almost dies after being misdiagnosed

January 5th, 2021 – 10:10 am Clock Fever, pallor, and nausea Little Millie Denver (6) from Great Britain felt uncomfortable on the evening of December 12th. She had a fever, a few spots, and looked pale. Her mother Elizabeth (36) suspected that the girl had chickenpox because three children in her class had previously contracted […]

Darts – Darts Premier League with nine starters for Price – Sport

Home Sport January 3, 2021, 11:25 p.m. Darts:Darts Premier League with nine starters for Price Open detailed view New world champion: Gerwyn Price cheers. Photo: Adam Davy / PA Wire / dpa (Photo: dpa) Directly from the dpa news channel London (AP) – World champion Gerwyn Price leads the line-up for the prestigious Premier League […]

Brexit: The EU data flow to Great Britain continues to shake

Even with the trade and cooperation agreement between the EU and Great Britain agreed at the end of 2020, the cow is not yet off the ice when it comes to transferring personal data between companies on both sides of the English Channel. The agreement only provides for a further four-month transition period for data […]