London | Brexit opponents protest for Britain to rejoin the EU

London (dpa) – Numerous Britons took to the streets to demand their country’s return to the European Union. Equipped with blue EU flags and blue clothing, the Brexit opponents marched through London today at the National Rejoin March. The newspaper “The Independent” spoke of around 3,000 participants. Among them was the former Belgian Prime Minister […]

What happened to Great Britain?

Plus Schools are crumbling, the health system is at its end, people are running out of money – and what is the government doing? A crisis report from a once proud country. Brits tend not to take themselves and their problems all that seriously. This is even a taboo, says ethnologist Kate Fox, who […]

Four-day week: 50 companies should test

Working shorter hours for the same pay – the four-day week concept is also to be tested in a large project in Germany in the future. Interested companies can voluntarily apply to participate from Thursday. The campaign was initiated by the management consultancy Intraprenör, based in Berlin. According to her own statements, she has set […]

Ursula von der Leyen entangled in brutal power struggle with EU Council President

Good morning, dear reader, If you would like to subscribe to the “Tagesbruch” newsletter, please use this link. Then you will receive it free of charge by email every morning at 6 a.m. And here is the daily commentary: Ursula von der Leyen knows who the most brilliant politician in Europe is: herself, of course. […]

Great Britain returns to the EU research program “Horizon Europe”

Great Britain returns to the EU research program “Horizon Europe” – Spectrum of Science Go directly to the content “Horizon Europe”: Great Britain returns to the EU research program In view of Brexit, Great Britain was excluded from the almost 100 billion euro subsidy program in 2020. Now they have agreed to return. British experts […]