In Rouen, the impressionist jewels of a “coalman”

It is the story of a “coalman”, as Monet called it, who adored landscapes of snow. Industrialist François Depeaux played a key role in the rise of the Impressionists. With its luminous collection, it is for the first time the subject of an exhibition, in Rouen. “He is someone who, through his entrepreneurial know-how, established […]

Intesa wins 5 paintings auctioned by Unicredit – Economy

Masterpieces by Gerhard Richter, Sam Francis and other masters of contemporary painting from Unicredit to Intesa Sanpaolo, which has invested around 15 million euros for five pieces from the collection of the group led by Jean Pierre Mustier, and which intends to exhibit them in its galleries by the end of the year. The story […]

Nominees for the main prize of the exhibition “Jāzeps Pīgožnis Prize in Latvian Landscape Painting” for 2020 – Arts – Culture +

“Jāzeps Pīgožnis Awards in Latvian Landscape Painting” nominated for the main prize of 2020: Baiba Ābelīte with the work “VEF” (2020), Agnija Ģērmane with the work “Race” (2017-2019), Inga Jurova with the work “Maskavas Street. The first snow. ” (2017), Indulis Landaus with the work “Walk” (2019), Alberts Pauliņš with the work “Ķebes” (2019) and […]

“Self-portrait in still life”, canvas dust

Still travel, it’s seasonal, “Around silent things”, Self-portrait in still life will have made us wander (future future, the grammatical time of ghosts, according to Jean-Paul Iommi-Amunatégui) in front of deserted tables, mummies in the frock of the Capuchin crypt in Palermo or the empty rooms in a row of the Danish painter Hammershøi. The […]

Hans Baluschek: The painter who discovered Berlin’s proletariat

WWhen you come out of the stimulating Hans Baluschek retrospective at the Bröhan Museum in Berlin after two hours of enthusiastic shows, the first question is: How can it be that such a fascinating painter, who took care of the poor and the outsiders like no other person who, moreover, was formally far more interesting […]

In Oslo, protecting mural frescoes by Picasso at the heart of the debates

Controversy rages around Picasso’s frescoes. Made in the 1950s and 1960s in Oslo on the exterior and interior facades of a government building, these mural works have been opposing two camps for several years. On the one hand the Norwegian government, which supports the demolition of the building, on the other the world of culture, […]