Public debt

Berlin abandons austerity, never budgets with so many debts since the Second World War

The times of austerity dogma seem distant for Germany. The crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic has made even the strict government of Angela Merkel which approved a budget for 2021 which provides for the country to make new debts for 96.2 billion euros. The additional loans the state will ask for will be the … Read more

Ukraine must return $ 5.6 billion by the end of the year

Photo: The fourth quarter of the current year accounts for the peak payments to foreign creditors Also, in the IV quarter, it is necessary to pay UAH 2.444 billion to non-residents who are holders of Ukrainian domestic government bonds. Payments on gross external debt, including the liabilities of the National Bank of Ukraine, the … Read more

How much does your council spend and enter?

20/10/2014 05:00 – Updated: 03/21/2015 12:26 Expenditure on personnel, public debt, basic services, social promotion, taxes … Expenses and income of Spanish local entities are still under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Finance, to which they have delivered their latest accounts at the end of 2013. The budgetary balances of the Spanish city councils … Read more