Fast charging: this is how it works in different cell phone manufacturers

Charge a phone in less than you prepare a coffee or take a bath? Asian firms are achieving it, without this implying that mobile battery cycles are severely impacted. The fast charging of cell phone manufacturers is another competition that occurs in the world of mobile telephony, a competition in which we are the privileged […]

Quilpué Audiovisual Cultural Center begins its annual Chilean film billboard

The programming includes national premieres aimed at school audiences and the elderly, as well as the return of the successful drive-in cinema in different communes. After a successful year, the Quilpue Audiovisual Cultural Center come back with one billboard of various activities in format digital and face-to-facewhich will be carried out during 2023 in the […]

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 shakes the region of Santiago, capital of Chile – News

Summarizing the News An earthquake of magnitude 5.6 shook the metropolitan area of ​​Santiago, capital of Chile. There is no information about material damage or injuries. Chile is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the most seismic zone in the world. Earthquake caused landslideReproduction Twitter/Anthony Gomes via Reuters A medium intensity earthquake shook this […]

Quevedo from Gran Canaria crosses the pond and conquers Chile and Argentina

Quevedo with the Puerto Rican Mora in ‘Lollapalooza’. / C7 The rapper from Gran Canaria has been the guest artist of the Puerto Rican Mora at the ‘Lollapalooza’ festival, held in both countries CANARIAS7 The Gran Canarian palms Sunday, March 19, 2023, 2:04 p.m. Quevedo has done it again. The artist from Gran Canaria has […]

A second time in Education | Opinion

The speculations are over and Marco Antonio Ávila was confirmed as the head of the Ministry of Education. Another teacher came to the Presidential Cabinet: the Minister of Sports, who is a Physical Education teacher as well as an outstanding professional soccer player. And if we follow the soccer jargon, without a doubt that from […]

Structural disadvantages in women’s football – democracy and society

February 23, 2022: 15 players of the Spanish national team declare that they no longer want to appear under coach Jorge Vilda. February 10th 2023: Canada’s women’s team publishes a letter with serious allegations against the association. February 24th 2023: Wendie Renard resigns from the France women’s national team, saying she can no longer support […]