After a long time, prices are coming down at gas stations

You have to pay 506 forints per liter for petrol from Wednesday, as much as now. The price of diesel will decrease by HUF 5, the average price will be HUF 512, the specialist portal writes. Of course, the difference between the individual wells can be huge, for example, on motorways it can cost 40-60 […]

What is the reason for the lack of diesel fuel in some stations?

The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Chakra, commented on citizens’ complaints about the lack of diesel in some stations, especially the owners of vans, “buses” and trucks, that “the price of diesel is paid for the importing companies and oil facilities of the Lebanese state in dollars, but the pricing of the price table […]

OMV also limits the amount of AdBlue that can be sold

In its communication to, OMV Hungária Kft. Wrote about the fact that AdBlue is continuously available in Hungary, which is able to serve the normal needs of the population. At the same time, in addition to the sudden increase in demand, certain measures have been introduced to ensure a constant and secure service. Accordingly, […]

Has the most advanced luxury SUV of all time arrived?

Land Rover did not deviate from the usual design world when it created the fifth generation of the Range Rover. The fresh MLA-Flex platform provides the basis for this, and this means flexible scalability: the Range Rover has previously been available with two wheelbases, but the extended version is now available in a seven-person version, […]

“Golden” tips to reduce fuel consumption while driving | miscellaneous | DW Arab window on the lives of celebrities and funny events | DW

Has risen price diesel in a stations fuel German to me higher level for him On launch, as stated the Union German the cars ”ADAC”. This sharp rise in prices follows a decline in demand last year due to the Corona pandemic, with the decline in the prices of crude oil and vehicle fuel, which began to shift in November of last year. For this reason, experts in the German Automobile Association “ADAC” […]

Refueling is the most expensive in Bremen

A new all-time high for diesel in the nationwide daily average was reached yesterday at 1.557 euros per liter. Super E10 also continues to rise, on a national average to 1.670 euros per liter. There are considerable price differences for refueling between the federal states. This results in a current ADAC evaluation of more than […]