They will not reduce fines for vignettes in a village near Sofia

The National Municipal Administration has no intention of waiving tens of millions of BGN fines that it imposed on residents of the Sofia village of Prolesha. This became known on Tuesday after another protest by the residents of the village, which is located only about 500 meters in a straight line from Bozhurishte. Its residents […]

Fanka shot in the head with an illegal gun

Her ex-husband got the gun months ago and was learning to shoot in the woods 28-year-old Fanka Ivanova, found dead yesterday in a garage in the Plovdiv village of Padarsko, was shot in the head with an illegal gun. This was learned by “24 Hours” from its sources. Local people say that the murder was […]

Portugal in mourning – two-time winner of the “Golden Boot” passed away

The Portuguese national team at the World Cup was shaken by the news of the death of one of the country’s football icons, Fernando Gomes. The two-time Golden Boot winner, who was 66, died after a three-year battle with pancreatic cancer. With Porto, he won 5 Portuguese titles (1977–1978, 1978–1979, 1984–1985, 1985–1986, 1987–1988). Won the […]

If your grandmother was a man, we wouldn’t be talking

There are people worried about whether they’ll make it through the machine voting who didn’t go to the polls. Saccording to the constitution, every Bulgarian citizen has the right to vote, and the electoral code states that voting is mandatory. But hysterics in parliament are declaring the technology to restrict people’s right to vote to […]

We have a serious breakthrough towards forming a government

Yesterday, a serious breakthrough was made towards solving the problem with changes to the Electoral Code, a serious breakthrough was also made towards forming a government. This was stated by the election expert Prof. Mihail Konstantinov. He explained that he was moving towards a solution that was balanced and fair. Mixed elective voting will return, […]

Ivo Andreev’s child turned one, 10 days before a neighbor killed him

10 days before an aggressive neighbor shot 40-year-old Ivo Andreev in the capital next to the Women’s Market over a dispute over a metal door, his youngest child turned one. The deceased has three children. Asya Mircheva, who is the sister of the wife of the murdered Ivo Nadia, told this to BBC. “On November […]

I have no hard feelings for him, I want a fair verdict

Diana Stefanovic can often be seen on Cherni vrah boulevard in Sofia. There, her daughter Hariet was killed by Georgi Semerdzhiev in the brutal accident on July 5. “For me, this place is very important. I light a candle and bring flowers. We planted a tree,” says Diana to Nova TV. 21-year-old Hariet Stefanovic was […]

An 18-year-old girl disappeared at the station in Pernik, they found her

An 18-year-old girl from Pernik was declared wanted in one of the Facebook groups. The publication was made by Iva Ivanova, who later announced that her friend had been found. The publication said that 18-year-old GB disappeared on November 15, when she was spotted at the station in Pernik. He had to travel to Sofia. […]

“168 hours”: Mayor since 19 years, without money and with a lot of debt

In Yakoruda, they are also checking the versions of intentional murder, and whether by threats and extortion the ruler is not incited to end his life Is there a mystery surrounding the death of the mayor of Yakoruda Nuredin Kafelov, the people of the small municipality with about 10 thousand inhabitants have been asking for […]