Bradley Cooper was completely naked for 6 hours for a shoot

We have to wait a bit for the Guillermo del Toro film Nightmare Alley (you can sit in it in Hungarian cinemas from February 3rd), but you can already envelop your favorite scene from the protagonist. Bradley Cooperfrom who, for a few moments, decked completely naked on the set for 6 hours. (We allow time […]

Reni Tolvai’s too bold photo slammed the fuse

Tolvai Reni and Andi Tóth are competing head-to-head for the title of the biggest flash, as Andi has only been sharing bikini photos of himself for days that barely cover anything, but now Reni has also entered the game and uploaded a very bold picture of himself on Instagram. Okay, this isn’t the first (and […]

Tolvai stole the show with Deni with the Stars with his sexy outfit

He was one of the performers of Dancing with the Stars last night Tolvai Reni there was someone who didn’t leave her appearance to chance: she wore a very sexy asymmetrical overalls cut to the groin, to which she wore a neon pink stocking. The hair poem that her hairdresser conjured up for her and […]

Prince William gave Harry a better peace

A statue in memory of Princess Diana was unveiled in the summer, but in view of the coronavirus epidemic William and Prince Harry until now, they waited to thank donors for their generosity as part of a party. Although Harry himself was not present at the event, Prince William made his very moving and kind […]

Nora Devil’s clothes take your breath away

On Friday night, it was finally revealed who won the gastro-reality titled Chefs Chefs. If the show leaves you completely cold, you might want to check out how amazingly beautiful the dress was. Nora Devil the final. The snow-white, V-neckline dress, the silvery glitter belt, and the delicately falling material impressed the nets so much […]

The British order to inherit the throne has changed

Every single baby born into the royal family is affected in some way by British Order of Successionet. Of course, in order for the whole order to change, another baby would have to be born from Princess Catherine and Prince William, because after Prince Charles and Prince William, Prince George, Princess Sarolta and little Prince […]

Reni Tolvai’s huge secretary came to light

For a while you could have guessed that Tolvai Reni he’s getting ready for a huge throw, as he himself has told fans he’s working on something new. Although he had already asked fans what they would say if he had launched his own makeup brand on the market, until now one could only hope […]

Réka Rubint made an amazing gift for her daughter’s 18th birthday

Ruby Réka a true high-rise mother who thought the 18th birthday was a milestone in a girl’s life that should be celebrated worthily. That’s why the two of them traveled to Paris with Lara and organized all sorts of super-girly mother-daughter programs, including going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where they toasted […]

Meghan Markle was warned to spend too much

Bar Meghan Markle he also has a couple of affordable fast fashion pieces in his wardrobe, he basically swears on poison-expensive designer clothes and never regretted the money for special creations. In 2019, however, after marrying the English royal family, he was warned to hold back on mindless spending, as the British public hates it […]