Government will give incentives for domestic tourism

Imagine a scenario in which a young entrepreneur opened a restaurant in a tourist center in February and took out a loan to start his business. In March, it received very few clients due to the pandemic, it closed for three months and the reopening has not done very well because few international tourists have […]

Sandra Berrocal: “Not even dead did she want to enter the media”

Sandra Berrocal never dreamed of working on television, on the contrary, the medium was that she sought it out. She arrived as a promoter of a brand, after having her first daughter and there the television producer, Alberto Bernabé (Bebeto), became interested in her figure for a new television project. When interviewed by the communicator […]

Israel, forced to return to confinement by a second uncontrollable wave

After months and months of trying to avoid it, Israel announced today that the country will have to undergo, as of Friday, the 18th, and for three weeks, a new confinement to stop the second wave of the coronavirus, which does not give truce and has taken to have one of the highest rates of […]

Three days after the Tourism Plan, workers will remain “in suspense”

In three days the implementation of the new plan to relaunch tourism in the Dominican Republic announced by President Luis Abinader and Minister David Collado will begin. The objective is to hope that the situation improves, but those who will continue to wait to return to their jobs are the hotel employees. Paola Rainieri, president […]

New security chiefs are appointed at the country’s airports

The director of the Specialized Corps of Airport Security and Civil Aviation (CESAC), Carlos Ramón Febrillet Rodríguez, changed the security chiefs of the four airports and one airfield in the country on Thursday. Febrillet Rodríguez, who was appointed by the Minister of Defense, Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, As the new director of CESAC, he also […]

Hitler: he was able to avoid world war II

Manuel P. Villaforo September 1, 1939 changed the history of Europe forever. On that sad day, as reporter Clare Hollingworth had discovered just three days earlier while walking along the German border, Adolf Hitler’s mechanized divisions crossed into Poland at about a quarter to five in the morning. «It is impossible to live more tragic […]

Joe Biden criticizes Trump’s stance on Venezuela :: La Prensa de Lara

Agencies | THE PRESS OF LARA.- “Cuba, along with Russia and China have contributed to the political stalemate in Venezuela.” This was the statement made by the presidential candidate for the United States elections, Joe Biden, during an interview for the television network NBC. “Since (Donald) Trump assumed, (Nicolás) Maduro it has only become stronger […]

Saime leaves those waiting for ID and passports in limbo :: La Prensa de Lara

Ana Uzcátegui | LARA’S PRESS.- The offices of the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Aliens are closed for six months (Got) in Venezuela since the pandemic. Lawyers and parliamentarians consider that the measure is a “violation of the identity of Venezuelans“, because they assure that it is not justified that the registries and notaries […]

Chinese authorities force citizens to take unapproved medicines

The government of the Xinjiang region is taking draconian steps to combat the coronavirus, including spraying people with a disinfectant, forced confinement of people in their homes, strict 40-plus days, and arresting those who do not comply with the restrictions. Furthermore, in what some experts consider an ethical misconduct by physicians, some people are forced […]

Everything you need to know about the radical quarantine week :: La Prensa de Lara

Luis Felipe Colmenárez | LARA’S PRESS.- Venezuela returns this Monday, August 31 to the radicalized quarantine, this as part of the “7 + 7” scheme that he presented to the national government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As is customary, these seven days will take place without levels that grant licenses, and that is […]