Psychology Today Compact 71/2023 “Family Ties”

Psychology Today Compact 71/2023 “Family Ties” The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Each and every one of us has one: a family of origin. We are all someone’s son or daughter, many of us have siblings, and more and more have stepparents. Our family and its […]

“Eintracht” eyed the star of “Levski”

The Brazilian Welton, who since the beginning of the season has definitively become the biggest star of “Levski” with his strong play, is the object of interest from “Eintracht” (Fr). This is reported by German media. Especially in the first match of the play-off round to enter the groups of the Conference League, the left […]

There are 2 scheduled Conference League matches

Two matches from the first qualifying round of the Conference League tournament have been named by the UEFA headquarters itself as having a doubtful final outcome due to suspicious betting patterns, website reported. One of them is between “Alashkert” (Armenia) and “Arsenal” (Tivat) of Montenegro, won by the hosts with 6:1, who go further […]

Sports Illustrated April 2023: A Must-Have Magazine for Sports Enthusiasts

Sports Illustrated 4/2023 The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 6,90 € In stock Still 49 piece in stock item number 793412023000040001 Article number: 793412023000040001 Weight (g): 300 Verlag: Kouneli Sports GmbH Magazine speech: DE Release date: 08/31/2023 Write your own review 2023 – Bauer Sales KG

Hristo Stoichkov rests luxuriously in Nessebar

World football legend Hristo Stoichkov is enjoying a luxurious vacation in Bulgaria. Kamata is staying on his home coast and posing against the sea. For Stoichkov, there is a private pool and all the necessary extras. The winner of the “Golden Ball” has not yet put on his swimsuit and is sitting by the pool […]

Life in prison for former football player Mario Metushev

Published: 16.08.2023, 07:45 14536 Author: Daniel DUMEV After 97 stabbings and 5 years later The ex-coach of “Mesta” (Hajidimovo) leaves a knife in the neck of Krasimir Koldzhiev-Zambo Life imprisonment for former football player and coach Mario Metushev, who stabbed his best friend Krasimir Koldzhiev-Zumbo 97 times in Gotse Delchev in June 2018. The decision […]

Blue and white stays on top

Jul 23, 2023 @ 6:18pm Tennis : Blue and white stays close to the leader Gero Kretschmer (left) and Tom Schönenberg in doubles. The game had already been decided in favor of blue and white. Photo: Samla photo agency/ buckum Second division tennis team wins 7:2 against Ohligs and travels to Aachen for the top […]

artistic workshops in media libraries

Media library workshops > March 2023: gum and leporello engraving workshop at the Bousquet d’Orb Media Library > April 2022: gum and leporello engraving workshop at the Reservoir media library in Lespignan > November 2021: at the Max Rouquette Media Library in Bédarieux: workshop for the general public engraving on gum and leporellos, and workshop […]

NEWS, NEWS and NEWS from Blomberg

July 28, 2023 Markus Bültmann Welcome to Blomberg Marketing. Ulrich Wicke and Carnation Queen Melanie in front of the tourist information (Photo: Blomberg Marketing) The Istrup local history club has been a new member of the marketing association for a few weeks now. Branch manager Jasmin Whiting and Carnation Queen Melanie Schuitema were able to […]