Of the enchantment that Pedro Casablanc makes in the Spanish Theater

The hour and a quarter of Pedro Casablanc at the Spanish Theater with Don Ramón María del Valle-Inclan It has the effect of an enchantment that we do not want to get out of. Sublime actor who, with his extensive catalog of physical and vocal tricks, encourages us to savor what comes out of his […]

“Expedition Edelweiß”: play as Upper Palatinate answer to Söder’s space program

Not yet in the spaceship, but in the training room of the Utzenhofen fire brigade: Christian Hartinger (left) and Harald Meier rock the universe at the “Expedition Edelweiß”, the Upper Palatinate answer to Markus Söder’s space dreams. Image: Petra Hartl 2018 qxllj Mxicxj Möiji jcl “Zxqxicx Ylj” jclj jcxjlj Ajilixxjjlixljxcj ijj Qijcjlxxlj qjicülijl. Zjcq lüi […]

The theater does pay attention to the ‘kellys’

Friday, March 10, 2023, 6:19 p.m. «Marité Ameijeiras, Liliux Arévalo, Miriam Barros, Carmen Casín…». The acknowledgment chapter of ‘Those who clean’, which arrives this Saturday at the Barakaldo Theater, includes more than twenty names and says a lot about the content of the work. The Galician company A Panadaría interviewed waitresses… This content is exclusive […]

Lumos Lichtspiel & Lounge : THIS YEAR

From March 23rd, all Eintracht Frankfurt fans will have the chance to follow their favorite team’s path to the European Cup up close on the big screen! Eintracht Frankfurt won the Europa League final in Seville on May 18, 2022. That was not only one of the club’s greatest successes, but also one of the […]

The theater in Krefeld is under pressure – rising costs

November 30, 2022 at 8:02 p.m Michael Grosse warns : The theater in Krefeld is under pressure General director Michael Grosse had to point out cost risks to the supervisory board. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Difficult times are coming for the theaters in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. General director Michael Grosse had to inform about […]

Dennis Kelly, acid in the blood

For her first staging, the actress Marie Mahé presents on the stage of the Théâtre La Tempête “DNA”, a chiseled and powerful text by the British playwright Dennis Kelly who questions our relationship with others in a sometimes chilling way. The play begins with a story, after all, quite banal. A story of the playground, […]

Index – Culture – 104-year-old Péter Balázs is 80 years old

When Index previously approached Péter Balázs about whether he would run again for the position of director of the Szigligeti Theater in Szolnok, the Kossuth and Jászai Mari prize-winning Hungarian actor and director jokingly replied: I spent fourteen beautiful years here and now I am 104 years old. Although he is still far from 104, […]