Washington’s cry on the march against racism – World

Jacob Blake, the African American injured in the back by a policeman and left paralyzed, he is no longer in handcuffs in his hospital bed. CNN reports it. Blake’s father in an interview had denounced how his son, despite the serious condition and the inability to move, was still handcuffed. According to what is learned, […]

Case Blake, US Department of Justice Launches Investigation – World

The US Department of Justice has opened an investigation into the case of Jacob Blake, the African American seriously injured by a police officer who shot him in the back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Federal investigations, aimed at ascertaining whether there have been civil rights violations, will be led by the FBI in collaboration with the […]

Biden, ‘I will no longer hold rallies before the vote’ – Last Hour

– WASHINGTON, JUNE 30 – Joe Biden has announced that he will no longer hold election rallies before the US presidential election in November due to the pandemic. A decision opposed to the line so far held by Donald Trump. The former vice president’s campaign had previously announced that the mid-August Democratic convention in Milwaukee, […]

Why the Wisconsin election is life threatening

Washington The Wisconsin vote is likely to go down in American history as the choice of insanity. In the midst of the corona pandemic, voters stood in hundreds of meters of queues in front of the few open polling stations on Tuesday. Thousands of election workers had signed off, partly because of the fear of […]

US points 3.3 million voters to ballot box despite coronavirus outbreak | NOW

While half of the world’s population is limited by quarantine measures, more than 3.3 million voters in Wisconsin are asked to come to the polls on Tuesday. They must express their preference for a candidate in the presidential primaries. Otherwise, those elections would be “fundamentally affected”, the court ruled in the state of over 5.7 […]

Wisconsin postpones its primaries less than 24 hours after they have to be held

David AlandeteFOLLOW Washington Updated:04/06/2020 22: 00h save Less than 24 hours after the vote began, amid a huge controversy over the risk of mass contagion, the Governor of Wisconsin has canceled the primaries They were to take place tomorrow, the only ones to be held since March 17. It has been a drastic decision by […]