· Blood and rage “A cultural history of terrorism” · Burleigh, Michael: TAURUS EDICIONES, SA -978-84-306-0675-7

“Blood and Rage” sheds new light on the global threat of terrorism, which is expected to continue to haunt us for decades to come. Historian Michael Burleigh focuses on the actions and life stories of the terrorists, rather than the ideology behind their motivations. This book addresses terrorism as a profession, as a culture, and as a way of life and death, aspects of the situation that are often neglected. Burleigh takes us beyond the convoluted moral justifications and uncovers the sometimes miserable, sometimes appalling, sometimes downright criminal reality of modern terrorism, from its origins in Irish nationalism, Russian revolutionaries, and international anarchists, to the various campaigns terrorists that accompanied decolonization. The activity of far-left groups such as the Baader-Meinhof gang or the Red Brigades was short-lived compared to the nationalist terrorist struggle carried out by ETA or the IRA, which in turn have been overshadowed by international jihadist violence. The panoramic scope of the book reminds us that all the inhabitants of the civilized world, from Algiers and Cairo to Jakarta and Singapore, are together in this long war between civilizations and in this chaos.