[국제]Will the prolonged war change the game?…Drone vs tank

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As the war in Ukraine has been longer than expected, the concerns of both parties are deepening.

As even power assets are slowly bottoming out, interest in the so-called ‘game changer’ that will change the stalemate is growing.

Reporter Ryu Jae-bok reports.

A house in a residential area collapsed.

The impact of the explosion also destroyed household items next door.

A disaster brought about by a self-destructing drone flying in the middle of the night.

[올라 코브자렌코 / 키이우 주민 : 커다란 휘파람 소리가 나더니 계속해서 윙윙거렸습니다. 그런 다음 큰 폭발이 있었는데 어떻게 끝날지 정말 몰랐습니다.]

Since September of last year, more than 600 Iranian-made Shahhead drones have been deployed by Russia to hit targets by flying 2,500 km.

Each unit costs just $20,000, and parts are easy to get.

As Russian missiles ran out, a new offensive weapon emerged.

Ukraine would have to fire surface-to-air missiles or anti-aircraft guns to intercept these drones, which would be prohibitively expensive.

With the advantage of being able to see a big effect at a small cost, Russia plans to further increase deployment.

Ukraine’s secret weapon against this is tanks.

Recently, Britain has decided to provide Ukraine with 14 ‘Challenge 2’ main battle tanks.

The heavy armored tank surrounded by thick armor that Ukraine desperately wanted.

Ukraine has been using improved Soviet tanks so far.

Here, Poland recently decided to send the German-made heavy armored tank ‘Leopard 2’ to Ukraine.

Western armored tanks are expected to change the face of war by protecting troops from enemy fire and destroying bunkers.

[안제이 두다 / 폴란드 대통령 : (레오파르트 전차는) 다양한 경로로 이동하여 우크라이나의 방어를 강화할 수 있을 것입니다. 폴란드는 결정했습니다.]

There are many prospects that Russia will launch a major offensive again in the spring.

Attention is focusing on whether the secret weapons of both sides can change the game of war in a war of attrition where war resources are running out.

This is Jaebok Ryu from YTN.

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