[기상센터]High temperatures in winter change the tide of war… higher temperatures than the global village

A warmer-than-usual winter appeared across Europe, with daytime temperatures rising as high as 20 degrees in January.

Because of this, Putin’s ‘General Dong’ power, which tried to pressurize the gas to Europe, failed.

The weather was a factor that affected large-scale battlefields.

This is reporter Kim Min-kyung’s report.

Throughout history, Russia has had strong armed generals to defend its country.

It is ‘General Dong’.

The strategy that prevented the advance of Napoleon and the German army and turned the tide of battle was the ‘Clean Night Operation’ with General Dong.

Russian President Putin’s prediction that the midwinter cold, which has been Russia’s main weapon at every turning point in history, will help this time too, was wrong.

The idea that Europe would eventually raise its hands and support Ukraine if a severe cold snap hit Europe without supplying natural gas from Russia is a total failure.

Last winter, Europe had a relatively warm winter due to premature high temperatures.

The ski resort, which should have been completely covered with white snow, has little snow left and the grass is intact.

The situation is the same not only in Germany, but also in ski resorts all over Europe.

Last January, Spain exceeded 25℃, Switzerland recorded 20.2℃ and Poland also recorded 18.9℃, exceeding the record for the highest daily temperature in January in many parts of Europe.

[김백민 / 부경대 환경대기과학과 교수 : 유럽 이상고온은 3년 동안 지속된 라니냐의 영향으로 북대서양이 따뜻했고, 이 때문에 유라시아를 가로지르는 기차 모양의 대규모 파동이 고기압을 유럽에 위치시켰기 때문입니다.]

Abnormal high temperatures appeared not only in Europe in January, but also in China in March.

Zhengzhou, which belongs to northern China, rose to a whopping 28 degrees, and Beijing also recorded 23 degrees, breaking the highest temperature in early March in 15 years since 2008.

Climate change is changing the course of the world, with La Niña affecting the climate and disrupting Russia’s war strategy.

This is YTN Kim Min-kyung.

YTN Minkyung Kim ([email protected])

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